MichealCityMaker's spoof of "JOJO'S CIRCUS"

cast video

  1. Eilonwy --------------------------- JoJo

voiced by ??? Yogi Bear ------------------------- Goliath the Lion A Bear voiced by Dan Aykroyd Quick Draw McGraw ----------------- Skeebo A horse-like-zebra voiced by Maurice LaMarche Wally Gator ----------------------- Crockey An alligator voiced by Corey Burton Cindy Bear ------------------------ Trina Tightrope: Goliath's Girlfriend A Bear voiced by Julie Bennett Widow Tweed ----------------------------- Jojo's Mom voiced by ??? Geppetto -------------------------------------- Jojo's Dad voiced by Eddie Murphy

other cast

        - Tater ------------------- Atom Ant
        - Mrs Krosaski ------------ Uberta (Swan Princess)


         Eilonwy's Big Top Curcis Fansite

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