Elders of Democracy is a political party in Vovatra. Its official color is Falu Red.


ED was founded in October 4 AU.

Political Position

Elders of Democracy is a socially liberal party, which is economically center-left.

Geographic Spread

The traditional heartland of ED is the D Hills region, although it has representation around the world.


ED is the largest member of LibFed.


With about 11.6% of the vote, Elders of Democracy is the third-largest party in Vovatra. It has 12 lower-house seats and one upper-house one.

Given its status, it is the largest opposition party in Vovatra. It leads the official opposition.

On the local level, ED controls Deland and most other towns in the D Hills region. It provides most of the opposition in V Port, and supports governments and oppositions in many other cities and towns across Vovatra.

Gov Bold Opp Italic United Left LibFed Spiritual Center Conservative Bloc
Major SA ED | SD MM | JM | SDM VL | MP
Medium TLA | SP GLF TER | VN | AM
Minor MY | X YU? | LDP AR VSD | MW | PSN | PP | PS | MDR
Tiny FDS | AT | CM | CA | LB | IT | MA | FB CL | MEP | NW | CDP | HM | AR | PI | ONOP | GT F | MD | BM | WH AP | SM | BD | O | PD | FDP-1 | VSP | RP | NS | FDP-2 | CM

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