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Eldritch Scream is a fantasy comic written and illustrated by Samantha Fullen. Thus far, only the first three installments have been published in The Almagest, the student newspaper for Louisiana State University in Shreveport.

The comic is still in its early stages of development and fruition. Three years thus far has gone into its character and story development, and more recently, into the expansion of its universe.

Plot and Setting

Eldritch Scream takes place in an alternate universe on a planet called Sedonia, which is inhabited mainly by therianthropes. The current conflict between the two dominant species, the Garuda and the Naga, is the present focus of the story, with the other species that inhabit Sedonia unfortunately caught in the middle.

The story follows the four generals of each side, and explores their roles in the war as well as their pasts and personalities.


Much of Eldritch Scream 's main themes, locations, characters, and species are based heavily upon various mythologies and folklore.


Many of the cities and regions are named for mythological locations, as well as actual places. Sedonia is something of a portmanteau (Cydonia Mensae, the inspiration, was combined with the Latin word sedo, meaning calm). The capital of Naga civilization, Nagapura, is true to Hindu mythology, and the subterranes in which they live are collectively referred to as Patala. Their sacred mountain, Mount Mandara, is virtually abandoned and is only used for ancestral worship.

The Garuda civilization occupies many levels of the atmosphere of Sedonia, each level correspondent to one of the Seven Heavens. They also inhabit Mount Sumeru on occasion.


Many of the species in Eldritch Scream are grouped as one main species, where in fact many subspecies may exist. This is true especially of the Garuda and the Naga.

The Garuda are based on the creatures of Hindu and Buddhist mythologies, though due to similarities to traditional renditions of Biblical angels, their names, appearances and mannerisms are generally more akin to their Biblical counterparts. However, their relationship with the Naga, species name, and some of their traditions are still based on the original Hindu and Buddhist renditions.

Similarly, the Naga's basis is in a blend of Hindu and Buddhist mythologies, and their role in the war, as well as some names, are Biblical. Whereas the Garuda are more Biblical-based, the Naga of Eldritch Scream are generally more Hindu/Buddhist-based in appearance, traditions, and mannerisms.

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