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Elebits (Cover)
Game Score B
Content Score A
Difficulty Easy
+ Great use of Wii controller
+ Lots of fun throwing objects around
+ Level edit mode
- Can get repetitive
- Multiplayer not as fun as single player
Yes mark (PG)
No mark (PG)
No mark (PG)
No mark (PG)
Yes mark (PG)
Yes mark (PG)
ESRB Rating Everyone (E)
Genre Action
# of Players 1-4 Players
Online Play None
Developer Konami
Publisher Konami
Available for Wii

Tiny electric creatures called Elebits are on the loose. Search for them under every object using a special capture gun that can lift anything from a small pen to a living room couch to an entire house.

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The Game

Elebits Screenshot 1

Elebits are tiny creatures that create electricity used in everyday electronic devices. When a huge power outage occurs and Elebits are running loose a young boy is left at home when his parents, experts on the Elebits, leave to investigate. Alone with nothing to do he decides to use his father's invention, the capture gun, to catch the Elebits and restore power to the house.

Elebits is basically a big game of hide and seek. To find the Elebits the player will lift and toss around everything they see using the capture gun. Using the Wii remote players aim at what they want to pick up, hold the A or B button, and move the remote around to move the object in the game. When an Elebit pops out quickly point and catch it. The smaller blue and red Elebits will provide power to any electronic appliances nearby while the slightly bigger yellow and pink Elebits make the capture gun able to pick up larger objects. There are 29 main missions that take place in the boy's house, around the neighborhood, in town and more locations as the player progresses with extra modes such as Time Attack, Eternal Mission (no time limit) and a more difficult Challenge Mission.

Four players can play together to see who can get the highest score. Movement and camera control can be set to be controlled by one player the whole time or to be switched randomly between players. If only one person has the Nunchuck attachment he controls the movement through a level.

The game also has a level editor. You can pick which enviroment you want to use and three object sets to use. Layout objects and Elebits however you please and set things such as time limit, capture gun stength, gravity and goal score to beat your level. You can save your level and share it with your friends.


Elebits Screenshot 2

Elebits is a lot of fun simply because you can make a big mess tossing everything around without getting into trouble or having to clean up. The game has plenty of levels and modes to keep players busy. Some might find the game repetative after awhile as the goal for each mission is pretty much the same. Even still the game is easy to pick up and play and is a blast in short spurts.

The presention for the game is pretty solid. The game uses beautiful hand drawn art to tell the story between missions. The game itself, while not as impressive looking as many other games for the Wii, looks good. There are spots in larger enviroments where the game slows down if alot of items are crashing around, but it doesn't hurt the overall game.


The game is family friendly with no objectable content.

Skills Used

For most of the game is played at a somewhat relaxed pace with generous time limits and few ways to fail a level. While Elebits is not too frantic as far as video games go there is still some reflexes needed to catch the tiny creatures as they run around.

The level editor in the game is a good way for players to explore their creative side. They can make their own missions similar to the ones in the main game or simply build and decorate just for fun.


  • Wii

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External Links

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