Electabuzz's Big Fight is a Friturtoons episode.


Electabuzz and Glalie get into trouble when they threatens to beat up themselves.


  • US Narrator: Duane Lawrence.
  • UK Narrator: Michael Angelis.

Featured characters

  • Gligar
  • Squirtle
  • Mudkip
  • Forretress
  • Electabuzz
  • Glalie
  • Larvitar
  • Ash Ketchum
  • Pikachu (cameo)
  • Smoochum (cameo)
  • Sudowoodo (cameo)
  • Swinub (cameo)
  • Buizel (mentioned)

Voice cast

  • Marc Thompson as Gligar
  • Eric Stuart as Squirtle and Forretress
  • Michele Knotz as Mudkip
  • Kenta Miyake as Electabuzz
  • Pete Zarustica as Glalie
  • Miyako Ito as Larvitar
  • Sarah Natochenny as Ash Ketchum

Featured music


  • Narrator: One day, Electabuzz pulled the Unown into the station, when he met Glalie.
  • Glalie: (laughs)
  • Electabuzz: (angrily, to Glalie) What is ya problem?! It isn't funny!
  • Glalie: I'm laughing becuase last week, you accidently smashed into Buizel, it was funny as scrap iron!
  • (Electabuzz is so angry and offended by Glalie's behaivior he reaches breaking point)
  • Electabuzz: Ogh, you'd better shut up, or I'll make ya shut up!
  • Glalie: Oh, really; and how are you gonna do that, Electabuzz?
  • Electabuzz: I'm going to kick ya in the butt, that's what I'm gonna do!
  • Narrator: Glalie was very scared.
  • Glalie: You're going to kick MY BUTT?!
  • Electabuzz: That's right; I'm going to punch you!
  • Glalie: Think you're so tough?!
  • Electabuzz: I'll bump the ever loving heck out of ya, after work next week; we fight after work! You got that?!
  • Glalie: You're an Electric Pokemon, man.
  • Electabuzz: As soon as next week comes, we do it in front of everyone; ya got that?
  • Glalie: (sarcastically) Ohhh, I'm so scared!
  • Electabuzz: YOU'RE GONNA BE SCRAPPED!!!
  • Narrator: Electabuzz raced off angrily, leaving Glalie in surprised
  • Glalie: Oh my god! Electabuzz says I'm gonna be beaten up by an Electric Pokemon!
  • Narrator: And he ran off to tell Larvitar. Larvitar was at the Wharf when Glalie arrived.
  • Glalie: Larvitar, Electabuzz has to beat me up!!!
  • Larvitar: Yeah, he will have a fight with you.
  • Glalie: Electabuzz has a fight with me??!! Ohhh, I've never being that!
  • Narrator: And he ran off to to tell Mudkip who was at the station.
  • Glalie: Electabuzz's coming! He's gonna have a fight with me!
  • Mudkip: Yes, he has to.
  • Glalie: Oooohh, bother!
  • Narrator: And he ran off. Later, Glalie and Electabuzz were at the Crovan Yards.
  • Glalie: (angrily, to Electabuzz) I don't wanna be beaten up by an Electric Pokemon like you!
  • Electabuzz: You're going to be scrapped!
  • Glalie: I'm going to scrapped??!!! Ohhhh, I've never being that!
  • Narrator: And he ran off frightened and panicked. Soon, Glalie arrived to see Gligar.
  • Glalie: Gligar, we need to talk!
  • Gligar: Yes, Glalie.
  • Glalie: Electabuzz and I are supposed to fight like in two days.
  • Gligar: Yes, Glalie. Electabuzz has to beat you up.
  • Glalie: AAAAAAHH!!! Electabuzz's gonna beat me up???!!! Ooooohhh, bother!
  • Gligar: Yes, he has to beat you up tomorrow.
  • Narrator: And he flew away, leaving Glalie.
  • Glalie: (upset) OOOHHH, GLIGAR'S RIGHT!!! ELECATBUZZ'S GONNA BEAT ME UP! When I hurt Electabuzz, it's gonna be on YOUR VOICE! (sobs helplessly) WHY?!?!?!
  • Narrator: The next day, Glalie was shunting Unown, when Squirtle arrived.
  • Squirtle: What happened to you, Glalie.
  • Glalie: Electabuzz's gonna beat me up!
  • Squirtle: Yes, he will.
  • Glalie: (gasps) That's it! (thinking) I have to get suspension fast!
  • Narrator: And Glalie shunted Unown and pushed them into a siding there Gligar was there.
  • Gligar: Hello, bro. What's up?
  • Narrator: But Glalie pushed the Unown into the pit. Gligar was cross.
  • Gligar: Glalie, did you push some Unown into a pit?
  • Glalie: (nerviously)
  • Narrator: Glalie and Electabuzz were about to start for a fight
  • Electabuzz: You're a scrap iron Pokemon!
  • Glalie: Oh, yeah!
  • Electabuzz: It's time for a start! (laughs)
  • Narrator: Glalie and Electabuzz started to fight. (The Super Smash Bros Melee theme song is played during the battle) Glalie switched the points, which deverted Electabuzz into an siding and straight into a pit. Then, Electabuzz saw Glalie crashing into some Unown. Then, Glalie pushed some Unown into Electabuzz, who was at the level crossing. Then, Electabuzz pushed some Unown into Glalie's Unown. Then, Glalie deverted Electabuzz into a siding and into a canal. Then, Electabuzz and Glalie saw a viaduct that Pokemon crossed, so Electabuzz made Glalie fall off the viaduct and into a barge. Then, Electabuzz diverted Glalie into a ditch. Then, he made Glalie run into an siding and crash into the back of the shed. Then, Electabuzz made Glalie tumble into a field. First, Glalie hit a pile of hay. Then, he hit a pair of tires. And then, he crashed into a farmer's shed, and came out of it. Glalie lost a tooth.
  • Electabuzz: (laughs) I'm finished!
  • Glalie: (sniffs, demoralized) My devious life is ruined!
  • Narrator: And Glalie began to sob. Soon, Mudkip, Gligar, Glalie and Electabuzz were at the Crovan Yard.
  • Mudkip: Master, Glalie and Electabuzz are done fighting!
  • Gligar: You have to punish them for something.
  • Ash: Yes, I will. Thanks.
  • Gligar: You will punish both Electabuzz and Glalie.
  • Narrator: And so, Ash Ketchum was very cross with Electabuzz and Glalie.
  • Ash: Electabuzz and Glalie, you made a bad fight! You're both mean to yourselves! As punishment, you will stay in your Pokeballs, for the next two months!
  • Glalie: Two months?! You can't be serious!
  • Ash: Yes, I am! That's what you get to be mean to yourselves. You are suspended from pulling trains!
  • Mudkip: (laughing) Electabuzz and Glalie are in trouble now.
  • Gligar: It's sure it is, Mudkip. (they both laugh)
  • Electabuzz: (demoralized) It's true, Glalie.
  • Glalie: (demoralized) Yes, it is, Electabuzz. (begin to sob. Cut to Glalie and Electabuzz, who are at the Pokeballs)
  • Glalie; Oh, master. Tell us how long is it being. what if we can pull trains again. It feels like it's being ages.
  • Ash: (still angry) It is still two months!
  • Glalie: Two months?! Oooooohhh!!!
  • Narrator: Glalie and Electabuzz learned not to bully themselves again. I hope they learned their lesson, don't you?

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