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  • Real Name: John
  • Age: 13
  • Alias: Electrin
  • Powers: Can release electricity to electricute objects or to form force fields

Early Life

John was born to a poor family. He grew into a typical person who did well in his Maths and liked action movies, leading him to study karate. His dad was a builder before he got fired on John's birthday, an unfortunate present. One stormy morning John was carelessly walking down the street when he tripped and fell into an abandoned old sewer that was now full of radioactive acid. John was instantly knocked unconcious when he landed head-first on a slab of concrete, but at that moment a bolt of lightning struck the sewer. John did not die; instead, the radiation in the sewage blended the electricity into his molecules, giving him the abilty to shoot lightning from his fingertips. Fortunately, a plumber happened to be down there and found John unconscious two days later. The kind plumber picked him up & took him home to his parents, who were very happy to see him. Later that night, John was practicing some karate moves when suddenly electricity shot out of his fingers.

I man


With this new discovery, John took on the alias Electrin, becoming a very young yet very powerful criminal. One time he robbed a bank of thousands of dollars so his family could get some more money. He used his electric powers to break the door, and proceeded to threaten the bankers and open some safes, stealing over $10000. John had not started wearing a costume yet, and wore only black. His parents still did not know of his powers, and John intended to keep them a secret.


Days later John was walking to the local grocery store when he saw a boy carelessly crossing the street without looking. A car came at many miles an hour directly in the kid's path. John decided to help him, racing to the boy before he was hit by the car. But John wasn't fast enough to reach him. John called upon his electric powers and made a large force field around the boy, saving him from the speeding car. From this experience, John learned to use his powers for good, not evil.

Encounter with Flare

About two weeks later, after stopping a mugging and preventing a gang fight, John was walking past the bank when he suddenly noticed it was on fire.

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