The History of the Elementals: Way back during the creation of the world, the Elementals were created. They were the most powerful beings at the time and wielded great power. Then the Obsidia demons rose. The two groups formed a powerful alliance. Time wore on and the Matoran and Nogans flourished. The Demons who only got more powerful by absorbing souls grew more powerful as well. There were hundreds of souls now thanks to the Nogans and Matoran. Then the two groups of demons began to break apart. The Elementals began to look toward their king, Rivocapa and his wife, Rivoana, for leadership. Jaybor, the current king, became resentful toward the groups drifting away. He began to exercise harsh laws upon the Elementals. This just pushed the Elementals more away. They began to ignore these laws. Then Jaybor was overthrown by Sakr with the aid of the Elementals. Sakr was more generous when dealing with the Elementals. Gradually, though, the Elementals began to drift away. They finally seperated from each other. Thus began the rivalry. The Elementals grew more powerful and built a great fortress upon a floating island. Rivocapa and Rivoana had fifteen powerful children. They each represented the elements of the world. Fire, Earth, Stone, Water, Air, Ice, Magnetism, Gravity, Electricity, Sonics, Plasma, Vacuum, Shadow, Light and Time. They also had thousands of unpowerful children. They became their army. Now they aspire to take over the crown of the Demons and assume their rightful position as the Overlords of the Demons. Link to the History of the Elementals [1]

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