The pantheon shaped the world of Lareus at the begginning of it's existance. In this world they decided to charge the elementals with safe-guarding Lareus. They gave them the ability to change the world as they saw fit and to protect all things. As a rule, the pantheon imposed on them the disability to harm. They have often found loopholes to cause a chain of events to end in a general purpose, but they simply can not touch anything living with destructive force. This has given them a weak point against powerful mages who saught to control the elements. However, each elemental has followers to do their bidding.

The Supreme Elementals

The supreme elementals are the five individual entities that represent different parts of nature. Each one has it's own form but can not leave its element. They are known to be very neutral in all conflicts. They are intended to protect the world against threats, but spend their time just trying to protect nature and not the races.


Fire is known to be one of more erratic of the supreme elementals. But he does his job and safeguards the world of flame deep underground. He can appear anywhere there is a fire, as such the festival in his name often attracts his attention. He generally appears in the shape of a massive burning snake.


Water is the only elemental known to take on the form of the humanoid races as his chosen appearence. He looks like the humans, only made of water and the size of about eighty feet from the waist up. He lives in the oceans and lakes everywhere, while able to appear wherever there is a at least enough water to fill a glass, he rarely leaves the open waters of the sea. Water is also known for effecting very little. He does not create waves nor stop them, believing that nature should run its own course.


The supreme elemental of the forest is one of the most present and empowered of the others. His form is also the most physical, because of this he is able to roam the world, but he can not transport himself across it instantaneously as the others do. He appears as a massive walking ent-type tree. He stands as tall as mountains and trees grow wherever he walks. As a result of his massive size and his infectious power, he has made himself at home around Mount Tien in the surrounding forest. This is said to be the reason the forest has grown so huge.


Sky has taken a physical form of a giant bird composed of clouds and lightning. Charged with maintaining the winds, he is a very calm elemental. Because of this, the weather in the world is often well suited to it's needs. A farmland always seems to have rain, and an adventurer always seems to have a cloudless sky. There are exceptions when two needs conflict, and when other forces come into play, such as powerful magic users.

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