Ranks 1st This contestant is the winner of that season.
2nd This contestant is the runner-up of that season.
3rd This contestant is the third-place recipient of that season.
Genders This contestant is male.
This contestant is female.
Teams SG This contestant is on the Screaming Gophers. (S1)
KB This contestant is on the Killer Bass. (S1)
SG This contestant is on the Screaming Gaffers. (S2)
KG This contestant is on the Killer Grips. (S2)
A This contestant is on team Amazon. (S3)
C This contestant is on team Chris. (S3)
V This contestant is on team Victory. (S3)
TR This contestant is on the Toxic Rats. (S4)
MM This contestant is on the Mutant Maggots. (S4)
N This contestant was not on a team.
Eliminations V This contestant was voted-off by other contestants.
E This contestant has been eliminated involuntarily.
R This contestant was removed directly by Chris.
WD This contestant withdrew from the competition.
Mergers PT There were no teams during this elimination.
M This contestant made it to the merge.
NM This contestant did not make it to the merge.


Rank Name Team Merge Episode Eliminated Reason
22 Ezekiel Killer Bass Non-Merged 1st Voted Off in "Not So Happy Campers - Part 2" His comments about women angered the female contestants, especially Bridgette and Eva.
- Eva Killer Bass 2nd Voted Off in "The Big Sleep" She accused the Killer Bass of stealing her mp3 player, even though Heather was the one who stole it.
21 Noah Screaming Gophers 3rd Voted Off in "Picture This!" He refused to help the Screaming Gophers in the dodgeball game.
20 Justin Screaming Gophers 4th Voted Off in "Not Quite Famous" Heather convinced her alliance, Izzy, and Owen to vote him off.
19 Katie Killer Bass 5th Voted Off in "The Sucky Outdoors" Katie and Sadie got lost in the woods, costing their team the win.
18 Tyler Killer Bass 6th Voted Off in "Phobia Factor" He cost his team the challenge.
- Izzy Screaming Gophers Left in "Up the Creek" Before the final marshmallow could be given to Izzy or Lindsay, the RCMP shows up, and chases Izzy out of the show. She returns in "No Pain, No Game".
17 Cody Screaming Gophers 8th Voted Off in "Paintball Deer Hunter" He was badly mauled by a bear, leading to his elimination since his team thought he wasn't useful anymore.
16 Beth Screaming Gophers 9th Voted Off in "If You Can't Take the Heat..." The Screaming Gophers found out that Beth cursed the team.
15 Sadie Killer Bass 10th Voted Off in "Who Can You Trust?" Courtney convinced her team to vote off Sadie, for pelting her with apples, even after LeShawna and Owen won the challenge already.
14 Courtney Killer Bass 11th Cheated Off in "Basic Straining" Harold rigged the votes to get revenge on Duncan for his harassment towards Harold.
13 Harold Killer Bass 12th Voted Off in "X-treme Torture" He lost the challenge when he was distracted by Heather's chest.
12 Eva Killer Bass Merged 13th Voted Off in "No Pain, No Game" She was voted off, again, since her abuse was a threat to the contestants.
11 Trent Screaming Gophers 14th Voted Off in "Search and Do Not Destroy" When Gwen saw Trent kiss Heather (although it was a set-up by Heather), she told LeShawna to vote off Heather. Since she won immunity, Trent was sent packing instead.
10 Bridgette Killer Bass 15th Voted Off in "Hide and Be Sneaky" Heather's refusal to vote with Bridgette, Gwen, and LeShawna allowed the guys to succeed in voting off Bridgette.
9 Lindsay Screaming Gophers 16th Eliminated in "That's Off the Chain!" Even though Lindsay came in second, Owen and Duncan never finished the race, making Lindsay the automatic loser.
8 DJ Killer Bass 17th Eliminated in "Hook, Line, and Screamer!" Heather freaked DJ out when he saw her in a towel and face mask.
7 Izzy Screaming Gophers 18th Voted Off in "Wawanakwa Gone Wild!" She was voted off for tranquilizing the plane, a unicorn, Chef Hatchet, and Heather.
6 Geoff Killer Bass 19th Voted Off in "Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon" His popularity was a threat to the other contestants.
5 LeShawna Screaming Gophers 20th Voted Off in "Haute Campture" A misconception from the eliminated contestants accidentally sent her packing.
4 Duncan Killer Bass 21st Voted Off in "Are We There Yeti?" Voted off due to his brashness.
3 Heather Screaming Gophers 22nd Eliminated in "I Triple Dog Dare You" She didn't technically accept the dare.
2 Gwen Screaming Gophers Runner-Up in "The Very Last Episode, Really!" She lost to Owen in the final part of the race. Winner in Norway, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Denmark, and Asia.
1 Owen Screaming Gophers Winner in "The Very Last Episode, Really!" He managed to outlast Gwen in the race. Runner-Up in Norway, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Denmark, and Asia.


Rank Name Team Merge Episode Eliminated Reason
15/14 Geoff None Pre-Teams 1st/2nd Voted Off in "Alien Resurr-eggtion" Their kissing annoyed the other contestants.
- Izzy (aka E-Scope) Killer Grips Non-Merged 3rd Voted Off in "Riot on Set" Her craziness, and poor acting, cost her team the win. Returns in "The Chefshank Redemption".
13 Trent Killer Grips 4th Voted Off in "3:10 to Crazytown" Justin told the team that Trent was helping Gwen win. To prove that he was not in an alliance to go to the Final Two, she told the Grips to eliminate Trent.
12 Gwen Screaming Gaffers 5th Voted Off in "The Chefshank Redemption" She paid the price and threw the challenge for Justin.
11 DJ Screaming Gaffers Quit in "The Sand Witch Project" To prove that he was not in an alliance with Chef, he quit in place of Lindsay or Justin.
10 Izzy Killer Grips 7th Voted Off in "Full Metal Drama" Justin got Lindsay and Beth to vote off Izzy, after she said that he was not cute.
- Owen Killer Grips 8th Voted Off in "Ocean's Eight or Nine" Even though the Grips tried to vote off Courtney, Chris said that they were not allowed to. Because of that, Courtney's vote was the only one that counted. Returns in "Rock n Rule".
9 Heather Screaming Gaffers 9th Voted Off in "Million Dollar Babies" LeShawna's cheer persuaded Harold and Duncan into voting off Heather.
8 LeShawna Screaming Gaffers Merged 10th Voted Off in "Super Hero-ld!" Duncan and Courtney collaborated. Courtney then convinced Harold to vote off LeShawna with Justin and Duncan.
7 Justin Killer Grips 11th Voted Off in "The Princess Pride" Although Duncan was supposed to be eliminated in the episode, Courtney testified against it, and claimed that Justin should be eliminated. Chris reconsidered and sent Justin packing.
6 Lindsay Killer Grips 12th Voted Off in "Rock n Rule" Lindsay accidentally voted herself off.
5 Harold Screaming Gaffers 13th Voted Off in "2008: A Space Owen" Owen voted him off, to conceal his role on the show.
4 Courtney Killer Grips 14th Voted Off in "Top Dog" Voted off by Duncan and Beth, due to being a threat.
3 Owen Killer Grips Fired in "Top Dog" Courtney's lawyers informed Chris about Owen's role, and fired him.
2 Beth Killer Grips Runner-Up in "The Aftermath: IV" She was outvoted by one vote. Winner in the Alternate Ending.
1 Duncan Screaming Gaffers Winner in "The Aftermath: IV" Duncan outvoted Beth with one vote more. Runner-Up in the Alternate Ending.


Rank Name Team Merge Episode Eliminated Reason
- Duncan None Pre-Teams Quit in "Walk Like an Egyptian - Part 1" He refused to sing a reprise of "Come Fly With Us" after having to listen to Gwen and Courtney's bickerng.
18 Ezekiel Team Victory Non-Merged 2nd Voted Off in "Walk Like an Egyptian - Part 2" He lost his team's advantage to the alligators.
17 Harold Team Victory Quit in "Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan" He quit in place of DJ, just to save his team's honor.
16 Bridgette Team Victory 4th Voted Off in "Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better" She got stuck to a pole.
15 LeShawna Team Victory 5th Voted Off in "Slap Slap Revolution" She slapped Heather silly, when Alejandro tried to tell her to "sieze the day".
14 Lindsay Team Victory 6th Eliminated in "Can't Help Falling in Louvre" In the tiebreaker challenge, her design was considered funny, but not fashionable.
13 Izzy Team Chris is Really4 Hot Left in "Jamaica Me Sweat" The government viewed her as an asset, hereby removing Izzy from the game.
12 DJ Team Victory 8th Eliminated in "Jamaica Me Sweat" He was the last standing member of Team Victory.
11 Noah Team Chris is Really4 Hot 9th Voted Off in "I See London..." Even though Team Chris found Jack the Ripper, Team Amazon still win when Gwen and Courtney found rogue ex-contestant Duncan. This gave Alejandro the chance to vote off Noah.
10 Tyler Team Chris is Really4 Hot 10th Voted Off in "The Ex-Files" He lost the challenge for Team Chris, when he was a victim of the landmines.
9 Gwen Team Amazon 11th Cheated Off in "Picnic at Hanging Rock" She lost the tiebreaker challenge to Courtney, which was obviously rigged.
8 Owen Team Chris is Really4 Hot Merged 12th Voted Off in "Niagara Brawls" Alejandro convinced Duncan, Heather, and Sierra to vote off Owen, knowing that he was a threat since he won a previous season.
7/6 Blaineley None 13th/14th Voted Off in "Chinese Fake-Out" Heather spotted Blaineley, Alejandro and Courtney cheating in the final part of the challenge. As a result, thanks to Heather, Blaineley and Courtney are sent packing. Another reason for their eliminations is budgetary constraints.
Courtney Team Amazon
5 Duncan Team Chris is Really4 Hot 15th Voted Off in "African Lying Society" Heather and Alejandro voted him off in a 2-1-1 vote.
4 Sierra Team Amazon Removed in "Awwwwww, Drumheller" Even though Alejandro was supposed to be eliminated in that episode, Sierra interrupted the ceremony to get Cody's cake. The firecrackers accidentally blew up the place. In a fit of rage, Chris eliminated Sierra.
3 Cody Team Amazon Eliminated in "Hawaiian Punch" Courtney's lawyers informed Chris about Owen's role, and fired him.
2 Heather Team Amazon Runner-Up in "Hawaiian Punch" Heather accidentally threw Alejandro's tribute in the volcano. Winner in the United States.
1 Alejandro Team Chris is Really4 Hot Winner in "Hawaiian Punch" Alejandro won when Heather accidentally tossed his dummy in the volcano. Runner-up in the United States.


Rank Name Team Merge Episode Eliminated Reason
13 Staci Toxic Rats Non-Merged 1st Voted Off in "Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!" Her inane ramblings about her ancestors annoyed her team.
- Dakota Toxic Rats 2nd Voted Off in "Truth or Laser Shark" She was too focused on her image.
12 B Toxic Rats 3rd Voted Off in "Ice Ice Baby" Scott convinced the team to vote him off.
11 Dawn Toxic Rats 4th Voted Off in "Backstabbers Ahoy!" Scott, after learning that Dawn discovered him throwing his team's challenges, decided to frame her of stealing the contestants' possessions.
10 Sam Toxic Rats 5th Voted Off in "Runaway Model" He was hopeless without his video games.
9/8 Brick Toxic Rats 6th Voted Off in "A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste" He threw the challenge for his former team.
Anne Maria Mutant Maggots Quit in "A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste" She quit when she had a diamond. When Chris told her that it was fake, she was removed from the game without anything.
7 Dakota Mutant Maggots 8th Voted Off in "The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean" Although Scott was supposed to be eliminated, he used the McLean Head of Immunity to save himself. With a vote from Zoey, Dakota was sent packing.
6 Mike Mutant Maggots Merged 9th Eliminated in "Grand Chef Auto" As immunity, Scott got to decide who's voted off. He chose Mike.
5 Jo Toxic Rats 10th Voted Off in "Up, Up & Away in My Pitiful Balloon" Cameron and Lightning voted her off.
4 Scott Mutant Maggots 11th Voted Off in "Eat, Puke & Be Wary" Zoey and Cameron teamed up and took down Scott, once and for all.
3 Zoey Mutant Maggots 12th Eliminated in "The Enchanted Franken-Forest" Lightning picked Zoey off, so he can have a better chance at crushing Cameron in the finale.
2 Lightning Toxic Rats Runner-Up in "Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown" He lost to Cameron in the fight. Winner in the United States.
1 Cameron Mutant Maggots Winner in "Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown" Cameron was able to pin Lightning down for three seconds, winning Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. Runner-up in the United States.


Rank Name Team Merge Episode Eliminated Reason

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