Elizabeth, as seen in "Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry/Elizabeth the Vintage Quarry Truck".

Elizabeth is a vintage Sentinel steam lorry. She does not like laziness or rudeness, and will respond to both in the strongest terms. Although she believes roads are superior to rails, she often helps the engines out. She is Number 49.


  • Season 6 - Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry Jack Frost Rusty Saves the Day and Faulty Whistles
  • Season 7 - Not So Hasty Puddings
  • Season 8 - Thomas and the Tuba and Emily's Adventure
  • Season 9 - Thomas' Day Off (cameo)
  • Season 11 - Emily's Rubbish Smoke and Mirrors Thomas Sets Sail Toby's Triumph and Wash Behind Your Buffers (cameo)


  • The Great Discovery (cameo)

Born in

  • April 2, 1990

Died in

  • October 24, 2011 

She was also the only character able to insult the Fat Controller without getting into trouble, as she was the first lorry he ever drove.

Elizabeth was first introduced in season 6 and made appearances within the 7th, 8th, 11th series.


  • Elizabeth's theme is her Season 6 theme.


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