Elizabeth/Pingu is a parodies with Pingu sounds and Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry and Friends audio.


  • Elizabeth as Pingu
  • Caroline as Pinga
  • Trevor as Pingi
  • Terence as Pingo
  • Fergus as Pingg
  • Madge as Pingu's Dad
  • Belle as Pingu's Mom
  • Bertie as Pingu's Mom
  • Lady Hatt as The Schoolmaster
  • D261 as Hockey Player 1
  • Max as Hockey Player 2
  • Monty as Hockey Player 3
  • Jeremy as The Seagull
  • Bulstrode as Leopard Seal
  • Flora as Pingu's Grandfather
  • Duncan as The Grumpy Punguin
  • Terence as Prince
  • Sir Handel as Bajoo
  • Annie/Clarabel as Punki
  • Rusty as Pingj
  • Hector as Pongi
  • Old Slow Coach as The Monster
  • Mrs. Percival as The Mayor
  • Rocky as Pingg with Black Skin
  • Lorry 2 & Lorry 3 as The Stangers
  • Pip & Emma as The Two Baby Penguins
  • Derek as Doctor
  • Colin as Pongg
  • Lady as Princess
  • The Spiteful Breakvan as A Killer Vaccum Cleaner
  • Thomas as An Old Granny-Hating Penguin
  • Isobella as Pingu's Friend
  • Neville as Organ Grinder
  • Billy as Pingu's Second Friend

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