President Lochley

Elizabeth Lochley was the president of the Earth Federation. Sworn in, in 2549 after president Min Zife was impeached, she was known as one of most the popular presidents and served the most terms in history, twenty-four years.

Early Life

Lochley ran away from home when she was a teenager due to the fact that her father was an abusive alcoholic. As a result of her dire circumstances she started drinking and doing drugs. Lochley had a best friend named Zoe at this time, she died from a drugs overdose. As a result Lochley went back home, stopped the drinking and the drugs and enlisted in Earthforce.

Presidency: 2549-2573

In 2548, Lochley ran for president against Himta Mayala and won a majority of the votes. President Lochley preceded to become one of the most popular


After the prototype for the Photonic Cannon destroyed the alternate world, she announced her resignation as president. She was then replaced by vice-president Jaresh-Inyo.

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