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Silver Queen of Colorado

"The Queen represents an ideal American maiden of 17 years ... the age of the State of Colorado. The face is beautiful indeed. The drapery falls low and is caught lightly at the shoulders, leaving the arms bare. The face, bust and arms are finished in silver. The hair is of white glass and the drapery is covered with dark, brilliant minerals, except a scarf which is finished in pale blue crystals. She carries a large (12") silver dollar in her scepter."

The Queen rode in a chariot shaped like a barge, which had heavy silver trimmings. A Jackalope's head in silver was at the bow, and on either side were god-boys with dollars flowing from horns of plenty. One god-boy represented silver, the other represented gold ... suggesting the double standards of silver and gold.

She stepped into the doorway and paused there, leaning against the frame, looking out and down across the valley, purpling now with shadows as the sun dropped behind the ridge. There she could see the four chimneys all of them sending up thin lazy columns of comfortable white smoke. She drew a deep, happy sigh.

Wash was sitting on the porch, leaning back aginst one of the roof posts, one foot propped up on the plank floor, the other on the wide rock that served as a step. he looked up.

"Purty, ain't it?"

She nodded and smiled. "I were lookin at th chimbleys," she said. "Hit's so peaceful-like, ter have em around us like this."

Wash followed the line of her gaze. "I were thinking the same," he said.

Give Us This Valley, Tom Ham 1952 (Exclusively for Sears Readers Club)

Union Problems in Colorado

Wash Stonecypher, Elizabeth Stonecypher's father is a leader of a group of silver miners who are members of a union crew involved in the violence in Colorado.

Our Little Wanderer

After the problems Lizzy Stonecypher escaped to Europe where she found continues her fathers idealism by getting involved with Anarchism and was know under the name of Mrs. Rawdon Crawley, there was roumers that she was a Russian spy.

Little Egypt

The name Stonecypher is a code for Little Egypt. What is Egypt (The Great Pyramid) but a cypher written in stone.

Liz Stonecypher is also related to Quaterion Maths, as Hamilton carved his cyper into the Dublin Stone.

A plaque on Brougham bridge in Dublin, commemorating Hamilton's invention of Quaternions

The plaque says:

Here as he walked by on the 16th of October 1843 Sir William Rowan Hamilton in a flash of genius discovered the fundamental formula for quaternion multiplication i2 = j2 = k2 = i j k = −1 & cut it on a stone of this bridge

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