Elizabeth The Vintage Quarry Truck Transcript is Pikachufreak's idea.


  • Here's the full transcript to Elizabeth The Vintage Quarry Truck.


  • Thomas
  • Elizabeth
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Edward (cameo)
  • James (cameo)
  • Duck (cameo)
  • Donald (cameo)
  • Trevor (cameo)


  • Alec Baldwin: Thomas the Tank Engine enjoys taking specials. Today, he was bringing a special to Brendam Docks. His load was to go onto the cargo ship. The ship was scheduled to depart at sundown. Thomas had to get to the docks before then. But the load was very heavy. So Thomas puffed as hard as he could. He pulled so hard he broke his coupling rods. He wasn't going anywhere.
  • Thomas: Oh, dear!
  • Alec Baldwin: Thomas said.
  • Thomas: I'll be late.
  • Alec Baldwin: His driver saw an old shed near the track.
  • Driver: If there's a telephone in there I could call for help.
  • Alec Baldwin: He said.
  • Thomas: Hurry.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Thomas.
  • Thomas: And be careful. It looks spooky.
  • Alec Baldwin: Then a voice boomed from inside the shed.
  • Elizabeth: Do you mind? I'm trying to sleep.
  • Alec Baldwin: Thomas hoped it wasn't a ghost, then his driver appeared.
  • Thomas: Is it a ghost?
  • Alec Baldwin: Asked Thomas nervously.
  • Driver: It's a surprise.
  • Alec Baldwin: His driver teased. Then the fireman took some of Thomas' coal and headed off to the shed.
  • Driver: She can get us to the fitter's yard.
  • Alec Baldwin: His driver said.
  • Fireman: If her boiler holds.
  • Alec Baldwin: Added the fireman anxiously.
  • Thomas: What kind of surprise is that?
  • Alec Baldwin: Thomas wondered.
  • Driver: Thomas, meet Elizabeth.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said his driver. At last the doors opened and out chuffed a dirty grimy steam truck.
  • Elizabeth: So you're the little puffer that's broken down.
  • Alec Baldwin: She sniffed. Thomas was cross.
  • Thomas: And you're just an old steam truck.
  • Alec Baldwin: He retorted.
  • Elizabeth: That would be vintage steam truck.
  • Alec Baldwin: Snapped Elizabeth.
  • Elizabeth: And I haven't much time for your coupling rods.
  • Alec Baldwin: The driver was concerned. Elizabeth was making awful grinding sounds.
  • Driver: She's not built for hills.
  • Alec Baldwin: He said anxiously.
  • Driver: You're losing steam.
  • Alec Baldwin: He called.
  • Elizabeth: Just catching my breath.
  • Alec Baldwin: Elizabeth chuffed. And finally, she made it. When Elizabeth returned with Thomas' coupling rods, she was pleased with herself.
  • Elizabeth: And next time don't be so careless.
  • Alec Baldwin: She scolded. Thomas thought Elizabeth was the rudest truck he ever met. But he was happy to get his new coupling rods. Thomas made it to the docks just in time.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: What took you so long?
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Sir Topham Hatt. Thomas told him about his broken coupling rods. He wanted to tell how rude Elizabeth was when she rolled up.
  • Elizabeth: Oh, it's you.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Elizabeth looking down at Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Elizabeth: Have you learned to drive properly yet.
  • Thomas: She's in trouble now.
  • Alec Baldwin: Thomas said to his driver.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Elizabeth.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Sir Topham Hatt fountly.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: My first truck. I thought you have been lost.
  • Alec Baldwin: They were old friends. It was too much for Thomas. Then Elizabeth told Sir Topham Hatt how she'd been left in the shed for years. Sir Topham Hatt had been so pleased Elizabeth had been found. He asked Jem Cole to restore her to her original beauty. And soon Elizabeth had a rich dark color with gleaming coach works.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: You're the grandest truck in the whole railway.
  • Alec Baldwin: Sir Topham Hatt said.
  • Elizabeth: I know.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Elizabeth even more proudly. And Thomas had to agreed she did look grand.

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