The Ell Building, sometimes known as Ell Hall, is an administrative building centered on the Krentzman Quadrangle and serves as the main facade of the university. Directly facing from the lobby is Blackman Auditorium, a major campus event hall.

The Ell Building is directly connected to the seemingly-continuous Curry Student Center. Prior to the naming of the Student Center, it was often referred to as the "Ell Center" (distinct from the "Ell Building"), even by Facilities (which gave it the abbreviation EC at one point). When the Center was named, campus administrators insisted the much-used and encouraged moniker had always been incorrect.

The Ell Building is connected to the tunnel system by a corridor going under Bulfinch Plaza, the hump one must climb over and then down from when walking from Krentzman Quadrangle towards the Snell Library Quadrangle, and also into the lower floor of the Student Center (which is not technically part of the tunnel system).

The building is named for Carl S. Ell, the second president of the University, under whose tenure this and many other core buildings were constructed.

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