1. ella-she is 12 year old cocker spaniel and her best friends are ariel,lizzy,maria,cindy,hannah and samantha she has her aunt, miss bianca she had blue eyes and long black hair by her ears she wore pink dress with strapped sleeves,white tights,blue collar and pink flats.
  2. miss bianca-is ella's niece she loves her niece,ella
  3. ariel-she is 12 year old border collie she is ella's first friend she had green eyes and long blonde hair she wore green dress with Long Sleeves,yellow shoes,yellow collar,red tights and glasses
  4. lizzy-she is 12,boxer
  5. maria-she is 12,maltese
  6. cindy-she is 12,bulldog
  7. hannah-she is 12,dalmatian
  8. samantha-she is 12,golden retriever
  9. tom sawyer-he is son of miss ling and eddie he fell in love with ella he is 12 year old cat he crush on ella

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