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Ellen 2
Home World 3D World
Affiliation Light
Race Human
Role Student/'Damsel in Distress'
Gender Female
Age 15
Hair Auburn
Eyes Brown
Attribute Long Curly Hair
Heart Colour Normal

Ellen (The Girl of Auburn Curls) is one of the main protagonists of Super Stick Bros. and is a close friend of the Heroes and has sometimes become a damsel in distress. Ellen lives along with her friends in the eastern suburb of Jillong. She is 15 in the first year and is 17 at the end of the third year.


First Year

Hey, I'm Ellen. I guess I'm your new neighbour.
—Ellen to Blake

Ellen and her family moved to Jillong at the beginning of the first year. She met Blake the day of the meteor shower and like the other heroes (excluding Blake) she saw the meteor briefly in the corner of her eye, though thought nothing of it.

Second Year

Third Year



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