Ellie Kartyk

Elizabeth 'Ellie' Kartyk is the Headhunter pilot on board the mercenary ship The Scimitar.


  • Species: Human
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 23
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Appearance:
  • Weapons/Equipment:
    • tan canvas messenger bag
    • modified hold-out blaster
    • a set of sixteen throwing blades
    • slicing kit
    • her 'sneaking shoes' - a pair of soft-toed leather boots that she wears when either at leisure or sneaking around in places that she shouldn't
  • Specialist Skills/Knowledge:
    • piloting - stuck in the slums of the galaxy's Capital, Ellie had only one thing to keep her out of trouble, and that was her swoop bike. She grew up piloting in races, and when she was older, cycled through various shipping companies as a pilot for their freighters.
    • ranged fighting - when everyone's carrying a blade in their pocket, it's usually a good idea to keep your distance when there's a chance of a fight. She's made good use of this lesson, and has become an expert long-range fighter, whether it be with a blaster or the throwing knives her'passed' down to her
    • theivery - how do you think she survived? Her parents? Certainly not! On the streets, being able to make yourself look as small as possible so that you can fit into any crack isn't a skill, it's a neccesity. She can pick manual locks with little more than a hair pin, and has a custom splicing kit to help her with those pesky electric locks. Once inside, she puts her soft-toed 'sneaking shoes' into use, making hardly a sound as she crosses the room, grabs what she wants, and leaves again with no one knowing the better.
  • Primary Role Player: ForceFightWMe12


Ellie is a true-blue Coruscantian - albeit, not the kind that you see walking the boardwalks on the Holonet reports or gracing the many covers of travel brochures or whatnot. When it's said that she's a true-blue Coruscantian, that's the spot-on truth - she represents the populations that live beneath the fake, petty luxury and glamor of the upper levels. She's a street-level urchin, just barely making her way through the world. Or, at least she was.

"Once I turn eighteen, I am out of this place. I'll take this 'useless talent' and use it to actually make something of myself. You'll see! One day, I'll race for the pros. I'll fly to every planet in the galaxy!"

These words spoken from the lips of fifteen year old Elizabeth Kartyk during one of the rather explosive - and daily - fights she had with her father, Ortho. He was a drunk, and a sewage mechanic. Her mother having left when she was hardly a month old, there was no one to stop her father from spending every credit of his pay check on booze, leaving his two kids to fend for themselves. That's where Elizar comes in.

Named for her grandfather, her older brother Elizar was Ellie's real father. He was her brother, her companion, her mentor, showing her every trick he knew to survive in a place where any random person would kill you for the three credits in your pocket. They were the perfect team, the dynamic duo. That was...until he was killed in a speeder wreck. Also a racer, Elizar was rammed into the wall by the speeder he was racing head-to-head with, a dirty trick that cost Ellie a brother. She was sixteen at the time.

She kept that promise of all those years ago. On the morning of her eighteenth birthday, her room was empty of clothing, weaponry, and supplies, the pantry emptied of any non-perishable food. She was gone. As a final act of her defiance against her father, she cut off her waist-length dark brown hair until it was little more than a pixie cut and dyed it a vivid orange. So passed the symbolic death of Elizabeth Kartyk.

She soon found work with an off-planet shipping company, making shipments and rounds around the galaxy. It was in this way that she found herself on the ice planet. She was tired of her last boss - a stuck up pig of a Corellian that thought having a woman on his pay roll made her as good as a street-corner whore - and so jumped ship at the soonest point possible. She's now scoping the place out, living off the few credits she has left as she looks for work.

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