Elliot, George, Sedgewick and Jack's Big Exit is a sequel to Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie.
VeggieTales Elliot, George, Sedgewick, and Jack's Big Exit logo

"Elliot, George, Sedgewick and Jack's Big Exit!" logo


  • Larry the Cucumber as Elliot
  • Petunia Rhubarb as Bernadette
  • Mr. Lunt as Sedgewick
  • Ellen as herself
  • PA Grape as George
  • Ma Grape as Caroline
  • Nicky the Pepper as Jack

DVD Artwork

Front Cover

Back Cover

Opening Previews

Scene Index

  1. VeggieTales Theme Song
  2. Countertop Intro
  3. Heading to a Concert
  4. The Seafood Restaurant
  5. A Message for Little Tikes Town
  6. The Storm!
  7. Jack Walks the Plank
  8. "Sonnet of the Cucumber"
  9. The Value of a Promise
  10. A Big Musical Number!
  11. What We Have Learned about the Value of a Promise
  12. Credits

Closing Previews

  • Huhu Studios, ltd. Logo
  • Big Idea logo
  • DVD Credits

Bonus Features

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