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  • Elmo Zoe Telly and Rosita playing Cards
  • "This is the Game Today" [1]
  • Elmo says Almost for Letter of the Day
  • A child makes a pattern of giraffes and elephants [2]
  • Elmo says Letter of the Day
  • P is for Painting [3]
  • P for party, picture and puzzle [4]
  • Elmo playing Together
  • The Count watches his favorite TV program, 24. The episode stars a Jack Bauer parody Muppet trying to pull himself up from the side of a cliff, while the Count count each seconds to 24. At the show's end, it is revealed that he is hanging only a few inches off the ground. He drops down and walks away. [5]
  • A jazz band comes together to play the same notes [6]
  • Telly says Number of the Day
  • Six children dance in a colorblock grid. [7]
  • Zoe says Almost Time for Elmo's World
  • Song: "Rubber Duckie" (live action kids film version) [8]
  • Zoe says Elmo's World
  • Elmo's World: Babies [9]
  • Sponsors are P and 6 and Elmo Zoe and Telly says Goodbye.

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