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Elmo's World: Chickens

Chickens Clucking and Crowing.


  • Guess What Elmo's Thinking About today?: Elmo Hears chickens clucking from the Drawer, TV, Computer, Shade and Door. Then he Opens the Door and lots of Chickens walking to the room and Fighting Elmo.
  • Dorothy's Question: Dorothy wants to know how you Feed a chicken.
  • The Noodle Family: The Shade sound a Rooster, Mr. Noodle's Brother Mr. Noodle how you cluck a chicken with Super Grover, First he shoot a chicken with a basketball net, then the chickens doing the pie face game with Mr. Noodle and Super Grover.
  • Kids and Baby: Some Kids feeding the Chicken and baby Feeds a Chicken.
  • Elmo's Question: Elmo ask the viewer to help him count chickens clucking.
  • Video E-Mail: The Computer Clucks a Chicken, Telly shows a Chicken named Fiffy she's feed him and he dances
  • Quiz: Before the Quiz begins, Drawer clucks a chicken, and pushed elmo away, guniea pigs don't, chair's don't, birthday cake's don't, bag's dont feeding does, and Abby Cadabby clucks a Chicken
  • Film: Elmo's Friend James feeding the chickens in the farm.
  • TV Cartoon: The TV Clucks a Chicken and He Turns on the Chickens Channel shows bubbles martin, sings Do the Chicken on The Chickens Channel. Coming up next: The Chicken Farm starring Ozzy Osbourne.
  • Interview: Elmo opens the door to Talk Gonzo and a Chicken.
  • Tickle Me Land: Dorothy images elmo as a chicken
  • The Chickens Song: Elmo, Gonzo and a chicken sang the Chickens Song go cock-a-doodle-doo pretended to be a chicken dance.

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