Elodea Storm
[[Image:{{{image}}}|300px| ]]
Age: 2 years(Turned into human by then, so her age has slowed down significantly.)
Race: Giant wolf, non human.
First appearance: None as of yet.
Trivia: Has a clear deep voice that sounds like a boy's.


Elodea Storm is the elder sister of Shadow Storm and his three brothers, but she does not know who her true father is. She is the only puppy from the Storm wolf pack to successfully master human transformations, and her human form is much more normal looking than her brother's. Her living wolf form has a black crucifix on the muzzle.

Elodea's human form has silver lips and a silver knee length dress. Her hair and eyes remain black and the length of her hair is influenced by the length of her wolf coat. If her coat is very long, her hair will be absurdly spiked and thick. Her hair will look normal when she sprouts her summer coat.

She suffers from strong guilt because she hadn't taken good care of her littermates, one brother and one sister. They were illegitimate children of the Storm pack, and as a result were cursed to have brown fur and brown skin. The immortal prophecy applies to them but it turns them into zombies.

Elodea appears as a zombie in Pilot League. She is searching for her brother Shadow Storm, but can't believe Wolf Piper is her brother. In PL, she wears a poison green taffeta gown with a crimson crucifix on its front. The crucifix on her face shows regardless of whether she is a wolf or human.

Her movements are much stiffer than when she was alive, and she retains her gigantic strength, as proven when she blocks Rusty's wind knife with a huge Data Stone when the group have to purify the knowledge hub after it is vandalized by Flamers.


Elodea's skin is known as 'taupe', and people who don't really know her might confuse her for a cursed seal host. Her skin color often makes people feel disgusted.

At the time she blocked Rusty's attack, both women looked like Joutai Sasuke, but Rusty had warped his look into having straight brown hair instead of purple-blue-black fluff, which was more like dog's fur or wolf fur.

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