The king needs a new queen, and Elsa has been chosen! This would be in theaters Thanksgiving 1995, replacing "Character Story".

VHS Opening Previews

  1. Green FBI Warnings
  2. JimmyandFriends Intro (New & Excitement From Disney)
  3. Walt Disney World 25 Anniversary Promo
  4. "Join Us For a Special Preview From Walt Disney Pictures"/101 Cartoons (Live Action) Trailer
  5. JimmyandFriends' Flint Trailer
  6. Elsa Video Game & CD Rom Trailer
  7. On ABC Bumper
  8. ABC Saturday Mornings Promo
  9. "Coming To Video"/JimmyandFriends' Bambi Trailer
  10. The Hunchback of Notre Dame Trailer
  11. Honey We Shrunk Ourselves Trailer
  12. King Sheen and the Ducky trailer (VF2000's version)
  13. Feature Presntation Screen (Thanks for joining us for this Special Preview)
  14. JimmyandFriends Home Video Logo
  15. JimmyandFriends Logo
  16. Pixar Logo

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