Kent is the main continent of Elsareth, and the only actual single "continent" (the rest are islands).

Kent is governed by a Delegation.


Capitol: Rishan



Kent is divided into 9 districts, divided according to population and geography.

Northern District

Northernmost district. Largest because of small population. Northern reaches of district mountainous, called the Northern Barrens.

  • Population Density: Concentrated toward southern border of district.

Eastern District

  • Landscape: Northeast district. Bordered on west by mountains. Bordered on south by the River.
  • Population Density: Concentrated along River and peninsula.

Western District

  • Landscape: Forested area. Bordered on east by River and the Empire Lake.

Delta District

  • Landscape: Bordered by River on south and east. Large delta at the end of the River.

Capitol District

Civilized, wealthy district. Contains capitol of Rishan and Empire Lake.

River District

Southern District

Bay District

  • Landscape: Smallest district. Contains port city of Elbane.
  • Population Density: High.

Peninsula District


Kent is governed by a delegation consisting of 11 equally ranked delegates who serve 7-year terms.

When a member of the delegation dies or completes their term, the remaining delegates elect (majority rule) the replacement. In case of tied votes, the leaving delegate (if alive) will vote.

To elect a new member, in case of death or retirement, at least seven delegates must be present. If seven are present, they choose members to fill the remaining seats. If less than seven are alive, then the people elect the remaining delegates.

This delegation sets all laws and manages departments.


  • Justice - 3 seats - manages courts, police, and acts as supreme court.
  • Security - 2 seats - Manages army and intelligence. (Declaration of war requires unanimous vote of all 11 delegates)
  • Health - 2 seats - Manages agriculture and medicine.
  • Industry - 2 seats - Manages manufacturing and resources.
  • Civil Peace - Manages culture and employment.
  • Interior - Manages government-funded roads and buildings.

(Each district also contains a delegation of 11 members who handle laws and departments.)

Wanted Additions

  • Expanded sections for each district providing agriculture, population, city names and locations, and landscape. Use the world map for reference on major boundaries and such.

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