(Arendelle enters at night)

Narrator: An enchanted world,

Widow Tweed: The czar of Arendelle.

Narrator: a sorcerer's curse,

Robert Callaghan: I will not rest until I see the end of the ice people line forever!

(The people are under attack by Robert's powers)

Narrator: a young princess

Widow Tweed: Elsa!

Young Elsa: Grandma!

Narrator: who vanished without a trace.

Widow Tweed: Elsa!

(Young Elsa falls to her fake death)

(AnimatedFan195 Productions logo)

Narrator: One of the greatest mysteries of all-time is now the most magical motion picture event of our time. This winter, AnimatedFan195 Productions proudly presents "Elsastasia".

Title: Elsastasia

Chorus (singing): "Have you heard! There's a rumor in St. Petersburg? Have you heard! What they're saying on the street?"

Grunkle Stan (singing): "Although the czar did not survive, our daughter may be still alive."

Chorus (singing): "The princess Elsa!"

Robert Callaghan: Elsa? Alive?!

Mordecai: Ain't that a kick in the head. We guess a curse isn't what it used to be, huh, sir?

Narrator: It's the story of an orphan named Elsa

Mother Gothel: You want to find your family, huh?

Narrator: and a dreamer named Jack.

Jack Frost: Do you see what I see?

Wreck-It Ralph: Yes.

Elsa: You think that I am Elsa?

Robert Callaghan: That's why I was stuck here in limbo.

Mordecai: Whoa!

Rigby: Don't get so grabby.

Narrator: They're teaming up to find a clue to her past

(Lightning strikes)

Narrator: before the evil Robert destroys their future.

Robert Callaghan: I want to look my best!

Mordecai: Whoa, that fell right out.

Robert Callaghan: The last of the ice people will die!

(Elsa, Jack, Ralph and Patch are under attack by the Cy-Bugs in the train)

Jack Frost: We're gonna have to jump!

Elsa: After you!

Mordecai and Rigby: Mayday!

(Elsa and Jack hold hands during the train wreck)

Mordecai: We get the message!

(Elsa, Jack, Ralph and Patch jump out of the train, and the train wrecks)

Narrator: From the land of Arendelle

Jack Frost: Elsa!

Narrator: to the land of Corona,

Widow Tweed: I will say no more girls claiming to be Elsa.

Jack Frost: You have to talk to her!

Narrator: finding the truth

Jack Frost: You really are Elsa!

Narrator: will be their greatest challenge,

Old Man McGucket: You will address the princess as your highness.

Narrator: and following her heart

Elsa: We picked a lot together.

Jack Frost: Princesses don't marry kitchen boys.

Narrator: will be her toughest choice.

(Elsa and Jack duck underneath)

Robert Callaghan: What goes around comes around.

Elsa: I'm not afraid of you!

(Robert laughs maniacally)

Elsa: Jack!

Jack Frost: Hold on!

Mordecai: This can only end in tears.

Elsa (singing): "And bring me home, at last."

(Some montage scenes including Jack saving Elsa from the bridge destruction and among others)

Title (again): Elsastasia

Rigby: We'd giver her a "Ha!", and a "Hi-ya", and then we'd kicked her, sir.

Tagline: Coming Soon.

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