ElsbridgeStationFan1995's Thomas and Friends DVD Ideas (released by VSA) is a fan fiction thing to make by ESF1995. Only Seasons 1-3 and Andrew Brenner's CGI stories are allowed and nothing else. Seasons 1-2 are told by Ringo Starr, Season 3 is told by Michael Angelis and Season 17 and 18 are told by Mark Moraghan and will feature the 1991-1993 ABC for Kids Video Promo.

Best of Porter (VSA version)


  • Away From the Sea
  • Gone Fishing
  • The Smelly Kipper
  • Thomas the Quarry Engine


  • Narrated by Mark Moraghan
  • Release Date: TBA

Front Cover

  • Porter from "Away from the Sea"

Back Cover

  • Porter and Salty from "Thomas the Quarry Engine"
  • Porter and Harvey from "Gone Fishing"

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