Elves; Elves have only quite recently domesticated themselves. As such, they are not automatically profficient with longswords. Instead, Elves have weapon focus in both spear and club as bonus feats. An elf's favored class is now Ranger. Only Elves may be Barbarians.

Behind the scenes: This Game presents a rare opportunity for Elves. The Elves of this world are tribal. While they have a connection with nature that is deep and spiritual, they are tough. They won't take the time for mourning their dead, celebrating or even loving too deeply. Their concern for too long has been pure survival. This has made them gruff and hardened. The Elf in my game Smashed her way through the burned body of a spider that blocked the tunnel with a cudgel. It was perfect.

Elven Hair varies from White to light brown, with some red headed elves. Elves have Grey eyes, occasionally drifting towards blue.

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