Elvis Criddlington and his parents go to Video Town. Elvis sees a 2002 A Day Without Ms. Beverly And Other Stories VHS and asks for it, but his parents say no. Elvis throws a tantrum and his parents drag him out of Video Town. His parents sends up to his room. Meanwhile, they are at Club o' Videos. While Elvis sees a 1991 The Wee Jack Fest And Other Stories, he asks for it. But his parents say no. He throws a big, big, big, big, big, big tantrum. His parents leave Club o' Videos. They punish Elvis and has him sent to dodgeball where Elvis is defeated by the characters from Fireman Sam, Barney & Friends, Noddy's Toyland Adventures, Kipper and Hey Arnold.


  • Narrator: One day, Elvis Criddlington and his parents are at Video Town. When Elvis Criddlington sees a 2002 A Day Without Ms. Beverly And Other Stories VHS, it happened
  • Elvis: Can I Have That VHS, please?
  • Elvis' mom: No, Elvis. You Have Many VHS's at home
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • Fireman Sam: Freeze, What Are You Doing?
  • Elvis: Tba

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