Welcome to the Elwood City Information Service.

Q: What is Elwood City Information Service?

This collection of pages, split from Wikipedia, was created by User:RAMChYLD at 9:01 PM MYT on 20 November 2006 as a means of saving pages at the Arthur guides that Wikipedia deems "unencyclopedic" and provides means to hold more detailed information about the Arthur universe, including the books, soundtrack, and toys, as well as it's spin-off Postcards from Buster TV series and related medias, and perhaps other information that the administrators are insterested in.

Q: Why Split up from the Arthur Wikipedia pages?

While Wikipedia is a great place to share information, as of late the Wikipedia has become more and more picky and finicky about the information it's hosting. Information that does not live up to the administrators' expectations are promptly afd'ed. Heck, any random troll can come around and mark a page for afd as flamebait. If the editors of the page fail to protect the page, it's done for. Additionally, apparently detailed information like toys, videogames and parodies that have appeared on the show is not allowed. This wikia page serves to liberate that.

Q: So, what do you offer?

Simple: Very detailed information that Wikipedia might consider unencyclopedic and afds. Additionally, our group of dedicated administrators and members check the pages for fake information and delete them as necessary.

Q: What are your main information sources?

A lot. WGBH's pressroom, Arthur Worldwide, The official Arthur site and it's Postcards from Buster sister site, various DVD release sites, the Arthur yahoo group, and our old trusty: Elwood City Downtown Core(Which this wiki page is named after as a nod). Also, the majority of base information here is derived from the Arthur Wikipedia guides.

Q: Is fanfic allowed?

Sorry, but fanfic and fan-created info is not allowed. We consider that fake info. Fan-created info (like the rabbit-girl-is-April trash that is constantly uploaded at the Arthur guide at Wikipedia), if detected, will be deleted, no questions asked. As someone always said on TV, "Just the facts, Ma'am".

Q: What is the Arthur yahoo Group?

It's the oldest Arthur community in existance! Founded way back in 1999 when it was still the Arthur clubs, the group has been through some hard times like poor yahoo support and sabotages, and barely survived. Needless to say, we're pulling back together. I will get a full article on the complete history of the guide soon, but for now you're encouraged to drop by, join in, and have a great time!).

Q: What is the ECDC?

ECDC, or The Elwood City Downtown Core, is a site maintained by Sweatyhorse78, a.k.a Dave, and serves as a page by Arthur fans, for Arthur fans. Members of the group and the public are encouraged to submit episode reviews and synopsis, as well as fanart and such to it. It will also serve mostly as one of our primary sources of information

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