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Emily's Sodor Adventures - is a Female Thomas Characters/Noddy's Toyland Adventures Parody series


  • Emily - Noddy
  • Flora - Big Ears
  • Mavis - Bumpy Dog
  • Thomas - Tessie Bear
  • Madge as - Mr. Plod
  • Elizabeth - Sly
  • Daisy - Gobbo


  • Emily Loses Sixpence
  • Emily and The Female Villians
  • Emily and The Naughty Tail
  • Emily and The Pouring Rain
  • Emily and The Kite
  • Emily and Her Whistle
  • Emily and Diesel
  • Emily's New Friend
  • Emily and The Milkengine
  • Emily Delievers Some Parcels
  • Emily and The Special Key
  • Emily Gets A New Job
  • Emily and The Broken Truck
  • Emily and The Missing Coaches
  • Emily and The Useful Rope
  • Emily Loses Her Whistle
  • Emily Cheers Up Flora
  • Emily Goes Shopping
  • Emily Borrows An Umbrella
  • Emily Meets Some Troublesome Trucks
  • Emily Lends A Buffer
  • Emily Finds A Special Coach
  • Emily Sets A Trap
  • Emily To The Rescue
  • Emily Has A Bad Day
  • Emily and The Fishing Rod
  • Emily and The Magic Night
  • Emily The Champion
  • Emily and The Warm Scarf
  • Emily and The Golden Tree
  • Emily and Her Unhappy Car
  • Emily Has An Afternoon Off
  • Emily The Magician
  • Emily and Her Money
  • Emily Borrows Some Trousers
  • Emily and Her Alarm Clock
  • Emily Buys a Parasol
  • Emily Tastes Some Cake
  • Emily The Dancer
  • Emily and Hiro

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