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The Emily & friends is a fan-fiction spinoff with a new episodes

* Emily in space Emily wishes she whould go to the moon and (Emily wears a first a pink ranger from the power rangers turbo suit as a space suit)
* Emily,Molly and Pete
* Farnsworth,Diesel,and Georgia
* Emily the deep sea diver engine Emily has to go under the ocean and second time wears her pink ranger suit 
* Emily's bad case of stripes:Emily loves to get gold coal she ends up into strips
and the diesels plots something 
and  Emily got feathers,crystals,
and a tail and Arry,
and The Diesel,and Old-Stuck-Up told her to turn into a shed.
Emily melted into her shed from Tidmouth sheds 
and Lady helped her back to normal.
* Emily's christmas party

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