Emily Helps Out

Emily Helps Out is a book.


Lightning McQueen and Mater tell James and Thomas that they have to make a character list for a brand new show called Thomas the Tank Engine Tales. However, James doesn't include Emily, and says to Thomas that she is not a reliable engine, so she will only get in the way, and is just useless. Thomas tells Sir Topham Hatt about James' rude remarks, and soon, Sir Topham Hatt came up with a plan. He sends Emily to Knapford to arrange some coaches, and tells her that Percy will do her goods work. Percy is not happy. The troublesome trucks tease him, and make him go slower and slower. Percy gets stuck on Gordon's Hill, and his driver sees James coming, who also gets stuck on the hill behind Percy. His driver knows that they need a back engine, so he sends for Emily. Emily has finished shunting the last coaches, when Sir Topham Hatt arrives, and tells her about Percy and James. Emily soon arrives, and helps both Percy and James up the hill. When they arrive back at Tidmouth Sheds, Percy cheers for Emily for helping him and James, saying that she is a really useful engine, but James feels embarrassed and wishes that he hadn't said that Emily wasn't useful. Sir Topham Hatt arrives, and scolds James for saying rude things about Emily, and excluding her on the Thomas the Tank Engine Tales character list. The next morning, James apologizes to Emily, and never talks rudely about her again.



  • This book is based on the episode, Emily the Really Useful Engine.
  • This version of the story includes Duck in it, even though he was just mentioned in the episode.

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