This is my Friturtoons episode.


Emily brags to James that it isn't "dignified" for Stirling Singles to take trucks, but when Emily is later told to take trucks she swears to do it how an Stirling Single engine should. She races along the mainline until she is accidentally diverted onto an old, rickety branch line, but she still goes fast even after she sees a "go slow" sign. The old rails finally give way and Emily tumbles off the tracks and ends up bursting through a shed and stops in front of a scarecrow. Once she is repaired, Emily is sorry for getting "too big for her buffers". And Rosie is punished for for "too big for your buffers" thing by being put in the mud pit at Friturtitown Dirt Race Park.



  • In the Ringo Starr narration, Emily says "Whoa!" and "Ahhh!" while she is derailed.
  • This is one of the few episodes of Friturtoons to be renarrated by Ringo Starr.
  • In Norway this episode is called "Emily Gets a Tumble". In Denmark it is called "The Superior Engine".


  • In the shot of Emily on the old branch a cable is attached to her coupling.
  • When Emily derails her coal is slightly spilling out of her tender.
  • When Emily's trucks come off the rails they come off differently in certain shots.
  • As the trucks derail and tumble down the slope the ground bounces up and down.
  • The guard should have been seriously hurt by the derailment.
  • Emily's driver was negligent to not slow her down, so Ash Ketchum should have blamed her driver and the signalman.
  • No matter how fast Emily was going when she was on the rails, she cannot possibly go such a long distance after she was derailed. To add to that, Emily never seems to stop or even slow down after hitting all those things.
  • A rod is visible pulling Emily at one point when she is derailed.

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