Bach is a funny engine.One day he found Emily and they play together.Sir Topham Hatt told Emily the new work but Bach wants to play and he going every place to find someone who play with him but everyone were busy.Then he found Emily send the coal to the quarry and she going to send the another coal.She buffer up with backside and Bach wants to play with her.He cappul up and pull the coal truck.Coal went everywhere.Bach very happy that's Emily no coal to send and play with him but Emily very cross in him.Later,Emily on the Waste dump and cappul with the garbage truck.Bach not see Emily's truck.He try to puff forward but he slide by the piece of garbage and crash with Emily and Emily crash the truck and garbage flew up and fell over Emily and Bach.Emily even cross and they going to washdown.Sir Topham Hatt very cross in Emily and Bach tell the truth and Helps Emily to send the coal and garbage and Emily was pround in Bach and Emily happy too.


  • Emily
  • Shaedon (does not speak)
  • Bach
  • Sir Topham Hatt

Thomas,Percy,Oliver,Charlie,and Gordon is likely too appear

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