On valentine's day Thomas works  very hard at Quarry Rosie very loves the useful engine,she wants to go with

Thomas.Thomas chuff with the tile wagon,Rosie hide and cappul with backside Thomas softly.Thomas pass Emily.Emily was surprise that Rosie work backside Thomas but not Knafford station she laugh in Thomas ,

because she thing Rosie is loves Thomas.She go to steamworks to find Gordon and told the truth .Gordon felt Rosie

was a silly love engine he chuff to find Thomas and Emily go to farm and saw Charlie,she told Charlie about new joke of rosie.Charlie very laugh in joke.Then there were trouble.Thomas chuff to Smelter's yard but he saw The fat controller

very cross.Thomas doesn't know why he cross.Thomas trought that he work hard but it was a terrible thing on his work.The fat controller was cross in Rosie,she lates to deliver Lady Hatt.Thomas saw Rosie."You're the silly engine

and Emily told all about you.If you go with thomas why you not ask Thomas before work with him"The fat controller said and Rosie answer it sadly and she works her left work.


  • Thomas
  • Rosie
  • Emily
  • Gordon
  • Charlie
  • The fat controller
  • Lady Hatt
  • Edward(does not speak)
  • Rocky(Does not speak)
  • James(carmeo)
  • Duck(carmeo)
  • Donald and Douglas(carmeo)

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