Emma Davison was born in 1988 and came from London


She joined the Rivers in 2001 when she first helped Scott Curtis when he had a fight with Angie Smith she stayed with the group for the first two years. She also dated Dean Reardon in 2001 for a short time of 6 months.


Emma Davison started to get a dislike for Becky Miles she kept it quiet and she spoke some words which were nasty when she had been hit with a the effects of Barry

which made Barry Charles take over her and use her for his own game she was badly hurt but lived after she had some River Water it saved her life but her personally change no one heard from her for many years.


Emma came back wanting revenge on Scott Curtis and tried to take him down however the fight was broken up when Lizzy Smith came into it Emma spoke you should really watch who you push into the water it might come back to haunt you and Becky Miles. Scott was unsure at that time what she was going on about.


Emma Davison once again came back to have another fight with Scott Curtis. This time she wanted a match without it being broken up she blamed Becky Miles for this aswell and Emma Davison and him had a nasty fight with Scott winning. She had done this because she wanted to get her own back and Nick Green told her if she got Scott Curtis out the way Becky Miles was all hers.

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