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Emma Cathrine Smith

Born April 15th 1957

Died August 9th 1987

Emma Smith is the 23rd body of the First River she was born after the death of the 22nd form of the First River. This was Jack Taylor who died after a fall to his death in Las Vegas when facing his final battle.

Emma Smith is a fictional person created by Scott Curtis he based her on a girl who he grown up with called Cathrine Dart and also gave Emma Smith the middle name of Cathrine and also set her personally based on her.

Emmas Style is based on a female verison of Scott Curtis the creator Style. Emma would wear things that were made of wool. Along with Jeans and trainers. she also would wear hoop earings.

Her Height is 5.2 and with her generation of the Rivers was the smallest of the 1980 Rivers. Where she would get the nickname Tiny by many of her school mates.


Emma Smith was the only child of Henry Smith and April Smith Emma would call her parents the biggest snobs to ever have walked the earth and unlike them the sun didn't shine out of her backside as it did with her parents. She was Orignally born in Sydney which was the Docking Site for the Rivers in the Emma Smith era.


Emma Attended Pimlico State High School it was here she spend her school years from the Thirteen To Sixteen. In the same class of her was Alex Wilson and Lewis Blackmoor this was also where her story started on the first story of her sage this episode was called Welcome To Townsville.


Emma Smith moved into Townsville in 1980 she didn't want to move to Townsville because this made it harder for her to find the rest of the Rivers of her era. The reason why her parents moved was because Henry Smith business had broken down forcing them to sale there house. They moved into 2 Baxter Street in Townsville.



The Story starts with Emma being at her first day at Pimlico State High School when she is dropped off by her dad. At the start of Welcome To Townsville. Henry Smith shouts at Emma telling her he is fed up with the way she presents herself and dresses like a hoaker. Emma makes a joke about him being a failed business reject before walking off towards the school. As the day go on in her english class she meet two lads called Alex and Lewis. and a girl called Carrie Keeley As the day goes on Emma walks back home with Carrie which she falls sorry for because of her being a bit of a geek. They manage to walk into a gang war between the Mels Boys and Towns Clan Crew they are caught up in the shooting and Carrie is hit by a stray bullet which hits her in the neck and kills Carrie. In the fight the Mels Boys win and Emma who has seen to much ends up being kidnapped by a there leader and its members they are unsure what to do with her.

She is held hostage at Mike Sanders apartment where they soon think its best she is killed so nothing is said about what she has seen. She is taken to a old Refill site where Emma manage to escape after fighting with the members of Mels Boys. Emma than plans to seek revenge for Carrie. Unaware to Emma Smith Mike Sanders has worked out the school uniform and plan to have Emma killed by a sniper a very shortime afterwards. Now aware she is a threat towards him and his gang.


In The Sniper its the next day after the events of Welcome To Townsville it starts with Emma watching the news report of Carrie Keeley and the Towns Clan Crew reported dead and with the police trying to find witnesses. Unsure what to do Emma heads off to school where she tells her story to Alex and Lewis who think that Emma has lost the plot. However Emma isn't finished and heads down to the Police station where she speak to a officer who is called Peter Dunkson he also doesn't wanna know about it thinking she is making it up. Emma walks home aware she will have to fix this by taking matters into her own hands. As she walks back she is pulled to the floor by Alex. As they hit the floor she asked what he was doing. As she speaks a bullet hits the pavement from a sniper on a roof. Emma along with Alex and Lewis run towards the school. Aware they are being followed. Emma grabs a sledge Hammer and hits a pavement this breaks it open where Emma picks up a gun she kept there when she was Jack Taylor. She tells the others might have came in handy if I was ever backstabbed all them years ago. The Sniper makes his attack and Emma manages to have a gun fight soon the Sniper is shot and killed. They make there escape and plan how to beat the Mels Boys.


In The Third Chapter Emma Smith walks back from school to hear the noise of alarms she looks to see a jewelry shop is being robbed by what looks like Mels Boy armed with guns. Emma take action and soon finds out she is in trouble. However she is saved by another girl who turns out to be the Fourth River together they chase down the last robber. Where they learn about what is going on for each other. A convestation about Sandra Taylor is also brought up and Emma tells how she said goodbye to Sandra. She also talks about going back to Canada one day to see her. Soon they catch the robber and leave before the police can catch them. They then talk on the beach about the other Rivers. Jessica Daniels also tells Emma that Mike Sanders is on the boat out at sea. Together they both head back to Jessica to get some guns and stab vest before attacking soon they steal a boat and leave.


Emma and Jessica get on the boat and take down alot of members of the gang soon they find out that Mike Sanders was expecting them. Seeing that Mike has gone they plan to leave however they hear a person calling for help. Soon Emma and Jessica find a guy tied up they find his name is Jordan Jones They learn that Mike and his gang killed his sister. They also find that a bomb has been placed to blow them all up they manage to escape as the Mels Disco Boat blows up however gang members have been waiting and a shoot out starts after winning the group go bak to Towsnville to hear police sirens. They split up and plan to meet up again soon. Emma is however chased by the police and manages to climb roofs and evades capture.


Emma along with Jessica, Lewis, Alex and Jordan plan out there next move at Jessica flat on how to deal with Mike and the mels boys. Aware that the numbers are still hi they plan a way to cut down there gang. Soon its found out that drugs are funding them in Townsville they then plan on taken down the dealers based in the town. The group split up into two groups with Emma and Jessica staying together and the guys working together. Emma And Jessica soon find themselfs in a full fight. After winning they learn that a even more higher dealer is Mike Sanders righthanded man named Richard Perry soon they also learn about a crack house outside town the same place where Emma was held when she was taken by Mike. Suspecting that Mike will be there they head down and face off with the gang and Richard who claims he can see Jessicas fate in the making when she takes the bullet. When heading back Emma and Jessica hear another bang. Which sounds like a bomb soon they learn once again Mike tried to blow up the guys who have all managed to escape from a place which had nobody inside.


At the school a armed gang come inside which want to kill Emma Smith with this going Emma is sure somebody has been going behind her back. Emma makes her escape into the vent and takes down the main cameras so she can deal with the gang members. Emma soon learns that Jordan is a spy and his father is Peter Dunkson the cop who Emma went to report what took place after Carrie died. Now aware that not even the police can be trust this leaves the Rivers facing the fact they might even have to fight the police.


Emma and Jessie soon find themself caught up in another bank robbery when checking into the bank with Anne Smith. The Gun men are looking for something called the Domes Jewel which is said to have powers of not being able to die. Aware there is such a stone the Rivers plan on finding more about it. Soon they learn its being kept by the army with this kind of power around the Rivers want to destory it. However they soon find out its inside a old Bunker from World War II Together the Rivers such for it. However things dont go to plan and the Jewel is moved away with the power of the jewel still out there and no hope of finding it Emma and Jessie make sure this isn't the end of it.

Wrong Side Of The Law

Emma and Jessica aware that Peter is behind all the trouble with the police not catching the Mels Boys plan on taken him and Jordan down for good aware that should be out the way they might be able to find Mike. A big fight break out in a gang meeting. Which Emma and Jessica crash. Emma then kills Jordan and Peter to bring down the numbers of Mels Boys and to hopefully make Mike fight back.


Someone has tipped off a River Hunter about Emma and Jessie living in Townsville aware this could turn into them being killed early the pair search for this hitman and learn they are not dealing with a normal person. They soon find they are dealing with a Vampire who is called Vickson Morris thats wants a new life and hopes to use the power of the Rivers. Soon the group find he is also feeding on people and a fight to stop him starts. When beating he tells of two old foes that Emma meet in her eight body. Aware they are now alive the River worry about meeting them again.

The Gang Leader

Jessica Daniels flat is broken into and she is kidnapped by Mike who now plans his attack. Also the Mels Boys are now at war with a very big gang which makes the army arrive into Townsville. Soon Emma is called and Mike tells Emma he wants another fight if she does not come he will kill Jessica. Emma finds out that they must meet on Emarld Island which was used in World War II for bombs aware that Mike will be expecing a visit Alex and Lewis call it a day leaving Emma to face once again Mike alone. Emma finds out the only save way on the island is by air. She has no choice but to steal a plane and land on the northeast side to save Jessica. Emam break into the army base and fights the army for a plane. She takes it and heads off towards where Mike is waiting for his final fight.

Bomb Island

Emma Smith avoids the army and heads to the island it soon comes aware her visit was expect and Mike Sanders gang try and take her down however they fail and Emma comes for Mike Sanders she finds Jessica Daniels tied standing on top of a table with a rope on her neck with Mike Sanders threating to push her off and hang her. Soon a fight breaks out and Emma and Mike finish what they start after drawing in running out of bullet they fight without however this time Mike is wearing body armour making Emma unable to hurt him. Soon he grabs another gun and goes to fire at Emma but sets off a mine killing him. Emma saves Jessica and they use the plane to escape the island. As they head back they find the army wants the plane shot down because it could be a threat. Emma and Jessica avoid the attack and try to tell the army to stop firing the plane then is locked on to without there being any chance of escape from the missile leaving the story of 1981 cut there.







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