Empath was a Mutant.


Empath was part of mutant taem called Hellions, who worked for the Hellfire Club, a organization that the public thought was only a wealthy buisness thing. He was trained by the mutant Sage (marvel fanon, along with fellow mutants, Dead Girl, Beautiful Dreamer, Catseye, Jet Stream Phat, Sunspot, Tarot (marvel fanon), and Wolfsbane. They had competition from the New Mutants, which were Blink, Cyber, Karma, Magnus, Magma, and Warlock. All of those were part of the mutant army built by Magneto (marvel fanon) and Professor Xavier to take on the Sentinel Army built by Bastion (marvel fanon), Graydon Creed, Senator Kelly, Bovilar Trask, and William Stryker. All of those men that helped creat that army had something specil to add to it: A factory that turned humans into Sentinels. The Friends of Humanity. Goverment support. The largest sentinel army a factory in the world. The sentinel Nimrod, and the Purifiers.

The very first fight they had was near the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, where the entire mansion was set on fire. The Hellions captured the the everybody who lived there at the time. Then Empath met Wolfsbane, whom he helped escape. The entire student body, captives of the Hellfire Club, who wanted to rule the world. But then the Purifers invaded. The Hellfire Club realized that they needed to work with the X-men, the New mutants, and the Brotherhood of Mutants to fight the ones who killed all the threats to the Hellfire Club. Plus all the New York members were killed.