Benjamin was the first Emperor of Atlantis. He also worked along side with Jacob Balog and Mathew the Weak. He was a general in many wars and is an idol to all who know him. He single handedly lifted Atlantis from the deep pits of despair.


Benjamin came to Atlantis during the depression. While he and others were exploring they stumbled across the rubble and devistation that was once the great Atlantis. He and his fellow expoditioners set acourse and named the land Atlantis. Benjamin took imediate action and named himself Emperor.

Imperial Status

Benjamin, after naming himself emperor, established a church, currency, agriculture, and a panal of advisors. In this stage he breathed a new life in the great land. During the first invasion of Preporia he took percise action as well as have taken a great step in defeating them.


" I'd rather die on my feer, than live on my knees. "

                                   -Benjamin after Revolt

"What is life but a great bomb. It ticks away until the end when you hope it doesn't hurt"

                                    -Benjamin on life

Everyone who ever met Ben knows how marvelous it is to stand in his grace. He is an idol and a hero. He is a great person. He now is the Chairman of the Economic Board. He is part of the Council of the Republic.


On the submisson of the Republic of Atlantis he was offered to lead, but instead he took the position of consular. While there is no set leader, Atlantis holds true its belief of the three rule. He, along with Jacob Balog and [[Jason Bowler]] are the Consulars of Atlanian Republic.

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