Erik Kersk
Date of Birth: April 20, 1950
Birthplace: Hades Cluster
Tribe: Ninthian
Age: 56
Gender: Male
Height: 6 foot 3 inches
Weight: 240 lb.
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
IQ: 164
Occupation: Emperor of ITD
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Religion: Roman Catholic
Styles of
Emperor Erik Kersk Xericus
Reference style His Imperial Majesty
Spoken style Your Imperial Majesty
Alternative style Emperor
House of Xericus

Lazarus Lionsbane
   Prince Daniel
   Grand Duchess Anne Vossi
   Erik I
   Prince Peter
   Grand Duchess Mary Villefort
   Prince Joseph II Vossi
   Princess Persephia Vossi
   Princess Elata Vossi
   Prince Alexander Reck Kersk Xericus
   Prince Daniel II Reck Kersk Xericus
   Prince Lazarus II Reck Kersk Xericus
   Princess Emily Reck Kersk
   Princess Lisa Reck Kersk
   Prince Loki Kersk Xericus
   Princess Eris Kersk
   Prince Flavius Kersk Xericus
   Princess Estia Kersk
   Prince Godfrey Kersk Xericus
   Princess Mary Kersk
   Prince Ulric Kersk Xericus
   Princess Abila Kersk
   Prince Reginald Valor Xericus
Erik I
   Prince Loki Kersk Xericus
   Princess Eris Kersk
   Prince Flavius Kersk Xericus
   Princess Estia Kersk
   Prince Godfrey Kersk Xericus
   Princess Mary Kersk
   Prince Ulric Kersk Xericus
   Princess Abila Kersk

Emperor Erik Kersk, the son of Emperor Lazarus, took over at the age of 19 when his father was murdered by a rebel bullet. How the rebel managed entry into the palace undetected is unknown at this time. Emperor Erik quickly put an end to the rebel wars which threatened the existance of the nation. He took it upon his own self to go about the task of unifiying the shattered empire. Erik is a direct descendatnt to The Great Xerik, who was responsible for first unifying the fledgling nation.

The official title of Emperor Erik is:
Imperator Erik Kersk Xerikus Augustus Pius Hadethus, Pontifex Maximus, Herculius, Americanus Maximus II, Mexicanus Maximus, Argentinus Maximus, Hadethus Maximus XLIV, Indus Maximus, Africanus Maximus, Sinostus Maximus, Philippinus Maximus, Chilus Maximus, Tribuniciae Potestatis XLIV, Consul XLIV, Imperator XLIV, Pater Patriae, Proconsul.

He also maintains the title of King of Jerusalem.

He is married to Empress Persephone, has brown hair and hazel eyes.

itdtemplateimageob2.jpg The Empire of Itinerate Tree Dweller

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