Emperor Ramsay

Darth Necros, Alan Ramsay. Was an experiment of Lord Sidious, he was, suffice to say, a child to Emperor Palpatine. Palpatine experimented by making children, by using the force. After the Battle of Yavin, the facility in which they were made from, was abandonded, some survived, but where horribly mutated. Alan, was one of few whom didn't. The experiments were crafted off Lord Vader's stature, although, Alan was one of few whom fell under Palpatines figure, oddly enough, Alan formed his own personality, by keeping his fathers stature & abilities by himself.

So long, had Ramsay lived on a desolate factory, which held so very primitive & mutated life-forms. Of disarry, a shuttle came to investigate, it was heading to the Korriba Scar, a Debris Belt, orbiting Korriban. Alan fell to the debris' biggest asteroid, which held him. It was like a moon more or less; in which, he had traveled their as a child, at the age of 15, a relentless figure of his father & marched to learn the ways of the force. He was futile without a master, he needed his father... but better, it seemed an old Sith Master, named: Darth Necrak was abandonded on the moon like asteroid. He died, his spirit haunted the force sensative; Alan got training from him, his master, in spirit form, fueled Alan's hatred & powers. He learned powers in which were new to him, and were not set by his Father. At the age of 29, Ramsay left his trainer, in one gift he was given... the power of immortality, he was dead among the group of invulnreable sith. He was then named, Darth Necros.

Ramsay fled to Vjun, where he then met Whirry Malreaux, whom experimented with midi-clorians years before the Battle of Yavin, and had forced the citizens of Vjun to fall into insanity. Ramsay learned from this woman, where he stayed was desolate. After a while, Whirry told Ramsay to go to the captial of Vjun, Ramsay ran for office, and became the President of Vjun. He mades ties with the Imperial Remnant, which led to his involvment with the Imperial Remnant, he soon became Chairman & a Grand Moff, of the Moff Council.

And after Gilad Pellaeon retired the Moff council decided to make Alan Ramsay the new Emperor and in 36ABY Emperor Ramsay started to expand the Imperial Remnant space.


The death of Emperor Ramsay happened sometime after the Strike war started in 48 ABY he just gave up and faded away in history.

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