The Supremacy, also known as the five Supreme Elementals, each have a direct spawned race that serve them loyally. But because these smaller elementals are sentient they have desires to break away from servitude at times. The rogue elemental creatures take on more humanoid forms and join the sentient races in the world. This cuts them off from the Supremacy, forcing them to grow on their own instead of siphoning power from their creator.

General Information about the Empire Elementals

In general they are usually forcused towards using magic, a few occassionally wield physical weapons. Even though they are cut off from the great power of the Supremacy, they are still superior casters in general, particularly of their own elemental magic.

When referred to, they keep the name of their previous elemental form. For example the phoenix Err’nal are still called Err’nal, but are called Empire Err’nal or Rogue Err’nal to describe their new status.

Elementals are immortal in general, but these rogues have different lifespans, but all are extensively long. Every one of them is also known to be able to change their physical form at will, though some have an easier time then others. There is no elemental in history that has been able or willing to change the color of their eyes.

A key feature of their power is they do not rest or eat. This makes them everlastingly awake and functional. It is only because of their weakness to any magic that is not of their own element that keeps them in check from overtaking towns at random.

Their weakness to other forms of magic is not a standard weakness that barely effects them, they can be devastated by it within moments. This is the only way to keep them in check, and so the Supremacy afflicts them with such a powerful curse. Other then the Jaak-enti, none of them have a real defense.

Each rogue elemental can take forms of random things to transport themselves or spy, including birds and animals. Each elemental can move through their home element to anywhere else their home element is located. This is a taxing power that they seldom use unless an emergency, as the Empire Elementals can be rendered unconscious by it. However the true elementals use it as a regular method of transport.

The Err’nal

The Err’nal are highly able to change their appearence, and are known to change whenever they feel like it. Reasons vary from vanity to disguise, sometimes the same rogue Err’nal takes on multiple lives for it’s own amusement, they live for up to two thousand years.

There is no general personality among them, a heavy variety being found. Their eyes seem to burn, as traditonal for any fire elemental. They are the superior casters when dealing with fire.

The Jaak’enti

The tree like race of the forest elementals arn’t known for shifting too often. They have the second to longest life span of around five thousand years, and do keep a general personality of calm. They are also the only creatures known to be able to directly manipulate natures plants. This gives them a superiority in jungle areas, but their casting skills in other elements are very low. They have no other method of offense or defense then manipulating trees, making them very vulnerable outside of their home element.

To their advantage, even in the forms they take (often Nechettan) their skin is superiorly hard to any other race. They are also oddly resistant to magical damage. This puts them as the most defensive available creatures, but almost helpless to fight others without use of physical weapons.


The water elementals of Lareus. They often take the form of the Macroceiri for the water origins. Another favorite form of theres is a very human look but the Lareusians do not know humans, and therefore relate it to Dael. They always have blue eyes, and it sometimes causes them to stand out amongst the Macroceiri.

Their water and frost magic perfected by mages is very potent. They are known for having the longest lifespan, ranging up to seven thousand years. They are one of the stronger elemental groups for learning how to exploit water in every location, however they are not willing to use it and disturb the balance unless needed.


They sky elementals live for around four thousand years, they and the Err’nal share the similar trait of their extreme power and chaotic style of life. They also change forms to take on different lives, and their powers do not need them to be surrounded by their element to work. The Ia’noa are extremely potent with their lightning spells.

Their most common physical form is a creature that resembles the Dael, only given powerful wings to take to the skies of their home element. These wings are often hidden as they are too easily targetted. They blend in well with Dael because they have a grey colored eye, only upon close inspection could anyone notice the clouds within or the sparks of lightning within.

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