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Coat of arms of Atlantis

Atlantis is a nation state, located inside The Pond.

Atlantis is one of three states that occupy the region, and is historically the most prosperous. this is due to the large amount of raw materals in the area.

The Empire is finished, please visit The Republic of Atlantis.

History of Atlantis

Pre History

Pre-2001 The early history of the area (pre-2001AD) is mostly unknown. But it is known that Atlantis had previous ownners. Atlantis was controlled by a Parlemant who was led by Behnyamen III. Behnyamen was beheded for ilegle drug trafficing in 1937. THen new owners arived in Atlantis.

Golden Age

May 2001-September 2006 The golden age, (quoted by famous Atlantian Scholars) was a time of peace, abundance, and joy. during this period, currency was invented, borders were established, and anarchy was abandoned.

The Dark Ages

September 2006-June 2007 After over five years in peace, a new state was created in The Pond. called Preporia. about a week afterwards Drunk Prep forces started a year long campagin of destruction and vandalism. All of atlantian territory was occupied and buildings, bridges, and stockpiles were destroyed.

La Liberation

June 2007-September 2007

Atlantian liberation front

The flag and coat of arms for the Atlantian Liberation Front.

Soon after the occupation of atlantis, a liberation front was established. (picture right.) This force, useing guerilla tatics like traps and scare devices, successfully drove out the invaders from most of the occupied territory.

Imperial Atlantis

September 2007-December 2007 After the liberation, a new leader, Benjamin the first, was assigned. and shortly after, the "A Novus Ordo" was written.

Government and politics

The first establishment of a government was in may of 2001, Atlantis was a Democratic Semi-Socialist state, but was changed into a Absolute monarchy after arguements over leadership and Economics.

During the dark ages and the liberation, there was no offical leader. but after the creation of the empire, Atlantis became a Constitutional monarchy.


Atlantis territory map

The overview of The Pond.

The current borders stretch to an estamated area of 2100sq feet, 41% of which is water.


Atlantis has a temperate climate, with plentiful rainfall all year round. with average tematures around 23 °F during Winter, and 89 °F during Summer.

Major Rivers


With around 24 Inhabitants, it has roughly 43% percent of the population of The Pond, and is the most densely-populated of all the Countries in The Pond.

Ethnicity figures:

  • 58% Caucasian
  • 9% African
  • 33% Hispanic


Christianity is the official religion of Atlantis, though through A Novus Ordo all religions are permitted.

Religion figures:

  • Christianity,
    • Catholicism 62.5%
    • Protestantism 16.6%
    • Baptism 16.6%
  • Islam 4.3%

List of Churches

The Current Patron Saint is "St. Jacob I"


Atlantis has the largest, and only economy in The Pond. The economy consists of a currency called "Caps", and the GDP total is roughly $53.60, and $2.55 Per Capita.

Atlantis, due to no tradeing parters, is a closed economy. this makes it very susceptible to a market crash.

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