The Empire of Byzantium, more commonly referred to as the The New Roman Empire or just simply, the Roman Empire, is a realm that claims it is the last remaining State that is directly tied to the late Roman Empire. Ruled by the Diogenes Dynasty, The Title of "Roman Emperor" also bears with it the Title of Caesar Augustus in the Roman Commonwealth, an institution of various Nations that wish to preserve Roman Values and Laws.

The Roman Empire is one of the Smaller to Medium Powers in Europe Graphically, yet one of the most Powerful Politically. It's Emperor is Athanasios Diogenes.

Brief History.

Since the split of the Roman Empire, the Western sect of the formerly great Empire was in a constant state of decline. It was destroyed quickly by poor infrastructure, Famine and Barbarian Invasions. What stands in it's place are the Modern realms on The Kingdom of Italy, the Kingdom of France, The Kingdom of Britannia and the Breton Empire.

The Eastern Sect of the Roman Empire, though still declining, did so much slower. Thanks to great Leaders such as Justinian I, as well as the brilliant mind of Flavius Belisarius and many other Generals and Emperors, The Eastern Roman Empire regained much of the former Territory the Empire had while it was united. However, due to constant pressure by Muslim Nations, little by little the Eastern Roman Empire, or Byzantium, lost territory until all it owned was Greece and Anatolia, and even Anatolia was being quickly conquered by The Ottoman Turks.

Thanks to the verocity of the late Emperor Romanos Diogenes V, the Byzantine Empire regained all of Anatolia, and has been in relative control of since. Romanos' mission as Emperor was to gain control over all of Asia Minor. Sadly, he died before he could see his Mission completed. An Arrow pierced his throat during the Siege of a Fort in Tyana, Asia Minor.

The Next Emperor was Manual Diogenes, Eldest living son of Romanos. His Reign was plagued with Civil War, and the Empire was never truly at peace while Manual was alive. 3 full blown Civil Wars were fought during Manuals rule. Mostly they were caused by the Palaeologus Family of Achaea, and the Zhmud Family of the Aegean Isles, both Dangerous men with strong realms. Among the Civil Strife, Smilec Vojislavljevic, King of Serbia, attacked Romanium while it was weak due to Civil War. Smilec was defeated eventually, thanks to an intervention by Agostino II von Zahringen, King of Italy an ally of Rome. 2 small rebellions took place after Serbia was defeated, both beaten by Manual.

Had Manual not died, The Eastern Roman Empire may have been destroyed by Civil War. Though the Civil War Period of Byzantine History was one of the most grueling conflicts ever fought by Romans, it produced great Warriors and leaders, most notably the Roman Military War Hero Konstantinos Diogenes, and the Pious Hero of Kaliopolis, Isaakios Diogenes, both younger brothers of Manual.

Manual was succeeded by his nephew, Thomas Diogenes, son of Isaakios Diogenes. Thomas Diogenes was one of the rulers who formed the first ideas for the Roman Commonwealth, though due to disagreements in terms, Thomas declared war on a would-be fellow Commonwealth member, Serbia. Thomas died in the War, and was succeeded by his Son, Andronikos.

Andronikos Diogenes took the Roman Empire and finally made it Stable. He improved Infrastructure, rebuilt Constantinople and increased income drastically. He also completed the formation of the Roman Commonwealth with Adarnese Bagratuni of the Georgian Empire. Andronikos' reign was marked by the War of Rus. The Empire of Rus was part of the Roman Commonwealth, and henceforth Andronikos pledged the Roman Legions to defend it when Rus was attacked by the Kingdom of Bohemia, along with it's allies the Kingdom of Italy and the Kingdom of Lithuania. The War ended in a stalemate, and somewhat weakened Rome's stability. Within a few years it was returned to normal and even improved.

When Andronikos died at age 65, his second son Athanasios became Emperor. Athanasios is not a great Emperor, having nothing to his name like other Emperors. Though during his Reign, The Roman Empire had the highest income rate it had had since the days of Emperor Justinian I. This was mostly due to his father Andronikos' influence though, not Athanasios' himself.

Political Affiliations.

Caesar Augustus Seat on the Roman Commonwealth Council in Mesembria.

Member of the Grand Orthodox Alliance.

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