Empire of Urth is yet another sci-fi universe by Newmarduk. It is based upon a fiction time tens of thousands of years in the future.

                EMPIRE OF URTH

The Empire of Urth is one of the leading governments in Earth's local solar system, with it's capital based on Urth, a Pluto-style, approximately Earth-sized dwarf planet in the Kuiper Belt at the edge of the solar system. Urth has an orbit that varies between 345 and 600 A.U. from the Sun (one A.U. equals the distance between the Sun and Earth). Urth has several moons orbiting it. Urth itself has vigorous mining and manufacturing industries. It's population is composed of millions of humans (mostly clones), chimaeras (mostly clones and basically human-animal hybrids), and robots and computers (only a few of which have the A.I. necessary for true sentience). The current ruler of Urth is the First Citizen, always a non-clone (naturally-born) human, with Reginaro Decos XXII the current First Citizen. The ruler of the Empire of Urth governs with the aid of the Senate of Urth, which is composed of aristocrats, military commanders, and the owners or executives of the largest private businesses on the dwarf planet Urth. Senators are mostly non-clone humans. The official religion of Urth is based upon Deism, which is a philosophy that states that God or the Supreme Being created the universe and the various laws of science and nature, but the living deity currently does not involve himself in the physical universe. For several centuries, Urth has increased it's power by conquering other colonies, governments, and nations in the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud. The Empire of Urth's political and military power represents an area of space extending from about 100 A.U. from the Sun to over 2000 A.U. from the Sun. Conquered worlds and settlements are permitted to retain their traditional local governments but are required to accept political advisors appointed by the First Citizen or the Senate of Urth, to quarter Urth military forces if necessary, and to pay taxes in the form of precious metals (gold, silver, and platinum) or other stuff like food, metal ores, minerals, or manufactured goods.


This political entity is a federation of dozens of local governments, mostly more-or-less democratic in nature, that occupies an area of space from about 50 A.U. from the Sun to about 6000 A.U. from the same Sun, and it's territory often overlaps that of the Empire of Urth, and naturally conflicts between the Empire and the Concordium are fairly frequent. The population of the Free Worlds Concordium includes tens of millions of humans and chimaeras (with a minority of the humans and all the human-animal hybrid chimaeras being clones). Robots and computers in the member states of the Concordium are more likely to be artificially intelligent than on the dwarf planet Urth. The central Concordium government is composed of a General Assembly representing the member states and are either appointed by the local regimes or selected by popular vote, a Council of Ministers responsible to the Assembly, and a Council of Justice (a kind of supreme court). The Free Worlds Concordium's military forces are divided between those of the central government and the forces of member states. The seat of the central Concordium regime is on one of the moons of the dwarf planet Kuyopia, which is a member state of the Free Worlds Concordium. Kuyopia has an orbit that remains more or less 66 A.U. from the Sun, and this world's economy is based upon the growing of fruits and vegetables in greenhouses equipped with infrared lights. The local government of Kuyopia is an oligarchy or limited democracy with voting rights limited to non-clone humans posssessing a certain amount of wealth.


The dwarf planet Pluto and it's moon Charon represent a self-governing, politically neutral democratic republic whose economy is heavily dependent on interplanetary trade. Spaceships from further in the solar system (closer to the Sun), the member states of the Free Worlds Concordium, and the Empire of Urth all come here to engage in free trade.


The Empire of the Terran throne is based upon the planet Earth, homeworld of humanity. Earth's population of intelligent sentients is current 80-90 percent composed of human clones, the animal-human hybrid clones called chimaeras, and some A.I. robots and computers, with the remaining 10-20 percent composed of natural-born humans. The Empire of the Terran Throne is nominally a monarchy, and the occupant of the Terran Throne (always a human clone) is called the Imperix. In practice, however, the Imperix is a mere rubber stamp for the Terran Imperial Assembly, which is composed of mostly hereditary aristocrats (always natural-born humans), A.I. robots and computers appointed by the aristocrats, and some elected members selected by popular vote of the ordinary citizens (humans both cloned and natural-born and chimaeras). The Empire of the Terran Throne controls the planet Earth, the various space cities in Earth orbit, part of Luna (Earth's own moon), and parts of the planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars.


The planets Mercury and Venus are politically divided between the Empire of the Terran Throne and the Republic of the Inner Planets, with Venus long ago terraformed to Earth-like conditions, and electromagnetic shields created by satellites in Mercury orbit to partially shield that world from the heat and radiation from the Sun. Mercury has strong mining and manufacturing industries, and Venus is mostly economically based upon agriculture. The Republic of the Inner Planets is governed by a Senate democratically elected from both planets, and by a Council of the Republic elected by the Senate. Military conflicts between the Republic and Earth-based Empire occur on occasion.


The Earth's own moon is politically divided between the Lunar Republic, a government elected with only humans with a certain amount of wealth having voting rights; the Cyber-Nation, governed exclusively by A.I. robots and computers, with only a few humans and chimaeras allowed to live in Cyber-Nation territory; the CLone Free State, governed by a regime elected only by clones (both human and chimaeras), with discrimination against natural-born humans and artificial intelligence for robots and computers banned; and the Earth-based Empire of the Terran Throne. Military conflicts between all four states occurs fairly frequently.


The so-called Red Planet long ago like Venus was terraformed to Earth-like conditions, with some agriculture but with the Martian economy also based upon mining of metals and minerals and the manufacture of certain goods. The planet is divided between three governments: the Earth-based Empire of the Terran Throne, the regime of the Martian Nationalist Union, which is authoritarian, militaristic, and based upon the superiority of humans (both natural-born and clones) over chimaeras and robots and computers; and the Martian Free Republic, with a government elected mainly by natural-born humans but major legislative bills voted upon in direct referendum by sentients of all types including clones (humans and chimaeras) and A.I. robots and computers. The three governments occasionally fight each other. The two moons of Mars-Phobos and Deimos-are controlled by the Empire of the Terran Throne.


There are various space cities in Earth orbit with tens of millions of mostly humans (both natural-born and clones) but also including sizable minorities of chimaeras and A.I. machines. The cities are thousands of years old and governed by the Empire of the Terran Throne.


The Middle Worlds is a term covering the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter orbit as well as the four gas giant planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) and their moons, and certain asteroids outside the asteroid belt (the Trojan asteroids in Jupiter orbit and the Centaurs between Saturn and Uranus orbit). In theory, the whole region is governed by the Assembly of the Middle Worlds appointed by local authorities, but in practice the various moons asteroids, settlements, and space cities and stations in this region are virtually self-governing nations. The population of the Middle worlds is 85-95 percent clones (both human and animal-human chimaeras) with considerable prejudice against both natural-born humans and A.I. robots and computers here (most robots and computers in this region are "dumb" machines without true intelligence). Some citizens of the Middle Worlds raid areas out in the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud or toward the inner solar system (closer to the Sun than the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter) with armed spaceships bent on piracy.


Spaceships in the universe of the Empire of Urth are powered by a combination of nuclear-fusion engines and gravity-manipulation technology, which allows them to fly up to 300 A.U. in 30 Earth days. Gravity-manipulation tech also allows for onboard artificial gravity on both spaceships and stationary space cities and stations. Some spaceships, especially those used for military activities, law enforcement, and piracy, are armed with missles powered by chemical thrust enhgines and equipped with high-explosive warheads, laser guns, magnetic rail guns shooting metal projectiles, and particle-beam projectors.


Religion in this era tends toward three main faiths. One, Deism, emphasizes a God or Supreme Being who created the universe and the laws of science and nature, then became inactive in the larger universe. Deists insist the best way to serve God is to study science and the laws of nature. A second leading religion is Solar Monotheism, which stipulates that the Earth's Sun, all the other stars in the Miilky Way, and all the stars in other galaxies are all physical manifestations of a monotheistic God who created the universe. The stars are essentially worshipped as physical representations of the Divine One, but the Earth's Sun receives special treatment. The third main faith is the Incarnate Church, which does believe in a Supreme Being who created the universe, but who teach that humans by leading rightous lives can become gods themselves. Some elements of the Incarnate Church teach that chimaeras and even A.I. robots and computers can attain godhood as well.

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