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A source of collected information for the new residents of the Robson Homes Encanto Community. I thought I'd start this, so we could share info on utilities and neighborhood happenings. -- Jeff (1426)


Hey everyone! We just wanted to say hello from 1426. We're both looking forward to meeting all of you in the upcoming days and months. -- Jeff and Steph

Map to Encanto


Because our addresses don't show up in Google Maps or Yahoo! Maps, I made this PowerPoint slide to mail to friends. If you want the original PowerPoint, so you can edit it and send it to friends, please feel free to e-mail me at jeff_ota =at= yahoo.


Comcast Cable

(22 Jan 2007 - Jeff - 1426) - As of Monday night the 22nd, it works...HD and all. Woo hoo!

(19 Jan 2007 - Jeff - 1426) - I called Christine at Comcast and she said they are aware of the problem and they are sending out people daily until the problem is fixed. She said they will not charge us until it works. They will credit our account the days they charged us until now.

(18 Jan 2007 - Jeff - 1426) - Tonight the cable is clearer than it was on the 17th, but it's still fuzzy (has lines at 45 degrees going through the image). The signal isn't quite good enough to support the HD channels. The HD goes in and out.

(17 Jan 2007 - Jeff - 1426) - As of the 17th the cable television at our house, 1426, is still very fuzzy. Ours was installed on Thursday the 11th, and it worked when it was installed that morning, but by the nighttime, it became fuzzy and only a few channels even display on the screen. Comcast arrived on Friday the 12th, and they said that the signal coming into the house was bad which probably means the amplifier outside of the house somehow broke on the 11th during the day. They sent someone on the morning of the 17th to check on it, but in the evening of the 17th, it still did not work. Frustrating...


Joey and Maily Installation was quick and it worked right away. Have had no problems.

West Family Here are a few notes about our experience with DirecTV.

Ordering On the recommendation of a friend, I did not bother ordering through a store like Best Buy or Circuit City. I called DirecTV directly and was able to talk the sales rep down. We ended with free installation, the HD dish, two receivers, HBO, Showtime for $60/month for the first year. They also waived any deposits. (With the HD receiver, they try to make you pay $100 and then give you a $100 mail-in rebate.) We got out of the hassle of mailing the rebate to them too. Anyway, I think we got a pretty good deal with them. Just keep threatening to go to Comcast. :)

Installation The dish installation was a bit of a hassle. We've had to have them out twice now and we've scheduled a third appointment to relocate the dish. I think all of this can be avoided if you're at home to monitor the installation. I asked him to put the dish as far back as possible, but the guy put it right in front of the house. LOL.

Activation Somehow our original service request got canceled (even though they came out and did the installation). As a result, when the install guy finished and called in to get our account activated, there were some problems. I ended up having to open a new account and start everything from scratch again. I'm sure this experience is rare, because I can't imagine every new customer going through that. I only mention it just in case it happens to you too.

Overall Other than the few bumps getting started, everything is working well.

AT&T Telephone and High Speed Internet (NOT DSL)

(8 Feb 2007 - Jeff) - AT&T has now installed both the telephone line and the high speed internet. Apparently, because we have fiber coming into the community, we don't have DSL, so we are served by another business unit.

Wiring in Plan 1 Apparently, Robson did not put a switch into the GE Connection Center (in the Master Bedroom Closet for Plan 1), so my High Speed Internet line is only directly connected to one plug at the Tech Center. If I want all of the plugs active, I'll need to buy a switch like the one they have in there already for the phone lines.

High Speed Internet Rates $19.99/month for 1.0 Mbps - 1.5 Mbps $24.99/month for 1.5 Mbps - 3.0 Mbps $34.99/month for premium...didn't get the data rate

Sales Rep I worked with Kent - 925-924-9146 - Was the phone rep, but he was very helpful in coordinating the High Speed Internet installation. He's excellent. I'm very happy with AT&T's service.

(9 Jan 2007 - Jeff) - The last I spoke to AT&T was on January 9th, and they said that the LATEST they will turn on our phone and DSL service is February 8th. Has anyone else heard of anything different?

Garbage (Monday pickup)

(26 Jan 2007 - Jeff) - Though I called more than a week and a half ago, my cans have not arrived. I called again today, and they said I was still not in the system. They were going to look into it and call me back on Tuesday next week. In the meantime, they said, I could put out one black 32 gallon garbage bag for normal garbage and any recycleables in a paper bag outside my house on Sunday night for the Monday pickup until my cans arrive.

(17 Jan 2007 - Maily) - Just wanted to give everyone an update regarding trash. Pick-up days for our neighborhood are Mondays from 6am-6pm. Service will start next Monday 1/22/07. For those of you who will be closing soon and for everyone that is currently living at Encanto that has not ordered service, I called the City of San Jose and it was painful. It took 22 minutes before a representative responded to my call. I asked the City of San Jose Recycle Plus if there was a more efficient way to contact them. They said no - you must go through the number (408) 535-3515. But she did say peak calling time was in the morning and if you call after 4 pm, you shouldn't have to wait that long.

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