End of the Road is the first Season 5 episode of Thomas the ERTL Adventures.


The 3 lorries return for revenge. But they get into accidents. Lorry 1 hits a bomb and blows up into bits, Lorry 2 falls off a mountain cliff and Lorry 3 falls into a pool of lava.

Featured Characters

  • Thomas
  • Duck
  • Oliver
  • Stepney
  • Percy (cameo)
  • James
  • Henry (cameo)
  • Lorry 1
  • Lorry 2
  • Lorry 3
  • Butch
  • Sir Topham Hatt


  • Narrator: It was a sunniest day on the Island of Sodor. The engines pull frieght cars and coaches all day long. Onr day, the Horrid Lorries were at the yards with Thomas, Duck, Oliver, James and Stepney. They were cross.
  • Lorry 1: We are going to be destroying Sir Topham Hatt, and so we are going to be taking over his duties!
  • Thomas: Don't do that!
  • Duck: We are Sir Topham Hatt's engines.
  • Lorry 2: I know, but we have to destory Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Lorry 3: I agree.
  • Lorry 1: Me too.
  • Oliver: Sir Topham Hatt loves us.
  • James: Yeah.
  • Stepney: Great!
  • Narrator: The three lorries pulled away to destroy Sir Topham Hatt. Later, they were driving along the road to find some bombs.
  • Lorry 1: We're geting there!
  • Lorries 2 and 3: Yeah!
  • Narrator: The lorries drove as fast as they could. They stopped at the station. Duck was there. Duck warned them about the dangerous roadway.
  • Duck: Be careful, lorries. You might get hurt.
  • Lorry 2: Grrr! I know.
  • Narrator: The lorries drove away to get bombs.
  • Duck: Be careful with the dangerous roadway.
  • Narrator: The lorries were driving as fast as they could, but suddenly they were diverted into three different roads. Lorry 1 was on the first. And he saw that he was out of control.
  • Lorry 1: Help! I can't stop!
  • Narrator: Suddenly, he saw a bomb. He coudn't stop in time and hit the bomb and exploded into bits.
  • Lorry 1: OW!
  • Narrator: Lorry 2 was on the second siding. He was on the mountain road. His engine was on fire.
  • Lorry 2: HELP! My engine is on fire!
  • Narrator: He skided right off the road and down the cliff. He hit the ravine with a loud smashing sound.
  • Lorry 2: Ow, that hurts!
  • Narrator: Lorry 3 is on the third road. He saw that he was on the lava roadway, surrounded by pools of lava.
  • Lorry 3: AAAH! HELP! I'm on the lava roadway!
  • Narrator: He skided off a bridge and fell into the lava and blew up into pieces. Later, Butch the Breakdown Vehicle took the destroyed lorries back to the yards. Lorry 1 was smashed up and dented. He had lost all his wheels and lights. His roof was completely cracked. His windows were smashed. His flatbed was broken and twisted and had come off. His dark red paint and nameplate was badly scratched over. And worse of all, his bumper was completely dented.
  • Lorry 1: What happened? Did I...blow myself up?
  • Narrator: Lorry 2 was startled. His eyes were closed. His roof was dented. He had lost all his wheels. His lights and windows were smashed. His flatbed was battered. And worse of all, his nameplate and dark red paint was completly scratched over.
  • Lorry 2: (opens his eyes) What happened? Did I hurt myself?
  • Narrator: Lorry 3 was startled. His roof was completely cracked. He had lost all his wheels and lights. His flatbed was battered and dented and had come off, just like Lorry 1's flatbed. And worse of all, his dark red paint and nameplate was completely scratched over.
  • Lorry 3: What happened? Did I die?
  • Thomas: What happened to Lorry 1?
  • Butch: He hit a bomb and he blew up.
  • Duck: What happened to Lorry 2?
  • Butch: He fell off the cliff and smashed into pieces.
  • Stepney: What happened to Lorry 3?
  • Butch: He fell into a lava.
  • James: Hahaha! Serves them right!
  • Oliver: Yeah!
  • Stepney: Great!
  • Duck: They are useless scrap iron!
  • Thomas: They're not good!
  • Narrator: Sir Topham Hatt looked at the lorries. He was not happy.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: You've caused a lot of trouble, Horrid Lorries! You tried to destroy me! I am angry with you!
  • Horrid Lorries: We're sorry, sir.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Silence! For your punishment, you'll be in your road shed for two months!
  • Lorry 2: Two months?! You can't be serious!
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Oh, I am serious!
  • Duck: Looks like you are not good.
  • Narrator: After the lorries were repaired, they were in the road shed. They hoped they learned their lesson. Don't you?

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