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The Endeavour SIM 2.0

This is a collaborative project and experiment that will attempt to take the previously narrow format of the online simming phenomenon and make it accessible and appealing to a wide variety of fans and writing enthusiasts.

Up until this point, simming (the collective effort of writers handling characters and interacting in a common framework) has been largely done through email mailing lists or chat rooms. While this has given structure to the collective storytelling efforts of fans of Star Trek and other popular properties, it remains more an exclusive group than inclusive one.

Endeavour SIM 2.0 will strive to blend the most advanced and accessible technologies available on the internet today, including the mediums found in the Wiki resources, RSS scripts, e-mail, and blogging. What will initially start as one group of players, with successful implementation will expand to include a potentially infinite number of participants, both in ongoing storytelling and single works.

Treating the online community as an open forum of ideas and creativity will allow everyone who desires it as big a piece of the pie as they crave in their intellectual pursuits.

As this project develops, more information will be released. This concept is the brainchild of Brad Wells and Brett Schuitema, but welcomes input from anyone who would also like to see this project bear fruit. You may contact them currently via Brett's email address,

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