USS Endeavour
Galaxy Class

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The USS Endeavour-A is an Galaxy class vessel commissioned


  • Registry Number: NCC-1895-A
  • Class: Galaxy
  • Type: Explorer
  • Crew Compliment:
    • Officers & Enlisted Crew: 1,012
    • Visiting Personnel: 200
  • Civilians (Families): Permitted
  • Evacuation Limit: 15,000
  • Number of Decks: 42
  • Length: 642.51 meters
  • Height: 195.26 meters
  • Width: 463.73 meters

Main Systems

  • Warp Engines:
  • Impulse Engines:
  • Computer System:
  • Reaction Control System:


The speed of the cruiser is good compared to other cruisers of the same size. While maintaining a cruising speed of warp 6, it can maximum at 9.3 and emergency at 9.8 for 12 hours, more or less labelling this vessel as a 'responsive' vessel in times of need.

  • Normal Cruise:
  • Maximum Cruise:
  • Maximum Rated:


The Akira Class was built to withstand heavy firepower and to give out a hefty payload. While the armour and hull strength is relatively low compared to the strength of the weapons, the Akira Class integrates a 'shoot now, repair later' policy. However, a good Helmsman and Tactical Officer are required to compensate for the lack of accuracy.

  • Beam Firepower:
  • Torpedo Firepower:
  • Weapon Range and Accuracy:
  • Shield Strength:
  • Hull Armour:
  • Speed:
  • Combat Manoeuvrability:
  • Strength Index:


The shielding system of the Endeavour-A

Weapons Deployment

  • Main Phaser Array:
  • Torpedo Launchers:

Duration Of Service

  • Expected Duration:
  • Minor Refit Cycle:
  • Major Refit Cycle:

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