In the story [Kein Schnaps für Tamara], Endwarden is located in the north-eastern part of Germany, towards the coast, and has a population of about 25,000. Hansjörg Martin created this town for his novel--it is not a real city. Endwarden is the place where a great deal of the book seems to take place, or at least, the important things. Hans Obuch, the narrator and main character, goes to Endwarden to try and make some sort of deal with a wealthy man named Wilhelm Bricks, who owns a Schnaps factory (but fails). Hans Obuch also finds a dead girl, Tamara, while returning home on a train in Endwarden.

Endwarden is basically where this story revolves around. Hans Obuch is first introduced to us in the first chapter in Endwarden as he gets on a train and heads back to his home. It was here in Endwarden that he saw the dead Tamara. Also here in Endwarden, the Bricks family have their Schnaps factory. Wilhelm Bricks is the mayor here and considered very powerful.

Some important events that happen here include:

  • the death of Tamara
  • Obuch meeting Cora Stein at the party at his hotel
  • Karlchen staying at Cora's house in Endwarden
  • Fabrizius is found dead in the canal that runs through the city
  • and the book concluded here.

Overall, Endwarden plays a significant role and is brought up a lot in the book.

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